Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lennon and Myer: you two

You two: have shared all kinds of germs lately. 2 1/2 months worth.
You two: love to hug
You two: like to play chase
You two: like the exact same bear. And it causes problems.
You two: play soccer together outside.  I die.
You two: like to greet each other after the afternoon nap
You two: share your toast
You two: have a race to the door to greet Daddy from work
You two: wrestle on the bed
You two: last 5 minutes in the bathtub.  Bummer.
You two: demand a walk each afternoon
You two: are best buddies
You two: couldn't look more different and act different, but you love each other so much

I love you two!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Girls Day

Since Jake and Myer were on a jeeping trip, I felt it was my duty to show Lennon what a Girl's Trip looked like.  So I took her up to City Creek Center and shopped till we dropped, ate till we were full, and ran around the creek till we literally got wet.
She is my best shopping buddy.