Friday, June 29, 2012

aunt and uncle time

This pretty girl and her brother are here (aka Myer's cousins)
and we get to babysit them this next week!  
So if this blog gets a little sparse these next few days,
it's because I'll be snuggling, and playing, and loving my niece and nephew.
And we already are loving our time together.
Jake looks great holding a little girl, don't ya think?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

mom & me swim lessons

Mark this up as one of my favorite things so far this summer.  It was our little thing together.  Just me and my boy swimming.  Love love love.  And let's not forget, Myer did benefit from lessons-- he can hold his breath under water.  We are so hitting up the pool more often this summer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


With these 90 degree days (and some 100) we can only be outside in the evening.  So we like to swing, make silly faces, and not sweat to death.  And I also like the view.  I've got some good looking swingin boys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a letter


We've hit 15 months just last Friday.  And I swear we're going on 15 years.  So much growing up these past few months but in this letter, I want to share with you the little things you are doing:

You like to dance in a circle while saying, "dancin dancin"..  Randomly.  I never taught you, even though your father wouldn't put it past me, you somehow picked that up on your own.

You like to find my eyes and nose while saying "Ay?" and "No?"

When we read books, you hold onto my hand that turns the page.  And sometimes you rub it.

You like to eat by yourself with spoons and forks.  My kitchen floor has never been dirtier.

Every time we come inside, you think I'm putting you down for a nap.  So you sadly say, "nye nye" like your prepping yourself.   

You are a mama's boy.  

I can't hide eating from you.  Every time you see me, I hear in a high pitch voice "hhmm hhmm" and then your immediately by my side with reaching hands.  This also happens in our church sacrament meeting...totally awesome.

You've worn through two pairs of shoes.  But only the big toe area. 

We have a few books that we sign.  And you know to look at me for the sign before we turn the page.  

When I can't find my phone, I catch you "calling" someone.  You have the phone in one hand, while the other hands waves around, and you babble in a high pitch voice.  

Speaking of my phone, you like to look at the pictures I have on it.  You like to name who you see, and you especially like finding yourself.  

You are a perfectionist.  You get upset if something is just not so.  You get that from me...sorry.

You think every little girl you see is your cousin Navy by screaming, "nay nay! nay nay!"

The very moment you wake up, you sign FOOD and MILK.  Priorities.

You are terrified of the vacuum, blender, mixer, and blow dryer.  But you don't even bat an eye to fire engine sirens, oversized trucks, or lawn mowers.

When you spot my shoes, you sign OUTSIDE and say, "outee? outee?"

Now I know why you need all this sleep.  Now I know why you eat all this food.  It's because you are growing so much.  I say that in every letter, but it's true.  It's no longer me doing everything for you-- you are feeding yourself, you can walk where you want to go, picking your own toys, deciding what book to read, and deciding what you want to do.  I love being a mom witnessing this because as a sister or babysitter, I just thought "of course they get big."  But no, it's every day you get big.  Stop.  I love this age so you can just stay here.  I like my "outee" and sad "nye nye".  And I like my Myer.

Love you,

Friday, June 22, 2012


Myer's new word to say is "Happy".  He says it in the bath, snuggling bear and monkey, eating breakfast, and after reading books.  I love hearing that.  So, to echo my son, today I am happy.  Hope you have a happy weekend.

bryton & myer

Thursday, June 21, 2012

all things Bear

Lately, everything is all about bears.  It's so cute those little fascinations they have.  And lucky us, there are few bear things hanging around the cottage.  Part of our routine is going outside and finding all those bears, signing BEAR with each one, and then going back to find them all again.  Of course Mr. Bear has to come with us.  So all things Bear.  (I think I said the word "Bear" 6 times...)  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

outside details

It's such a treat to be outside every day.  Our Land Lords have a lot of property and each corner is unique, and some even come with a cute story--

This area used to be an apple orchard, and the brick pathway is the original brick from the apple orchard house that used to sit on this property.

Beautiful antiques collected from parts of the U.S., decorate their yard--bikes, bird feeders, rocking chairs, watering cans, bird houses, fairies, and I'm sure more.  Some of the antiques are their children's and now with 28 grandchildren, Vicki and Brian keep collecting more so each child has one to claim as their own.

They have a garden full of carrots, rhubarb, corn, pumpkins, and peppers.  Vicki wants to teach me how to make a rhubarb pie.  Next to the garden is a chicken coop.  I love fresh eggs.

They've planted many flowers like honeysuckles, sunflowers, lavender, cymbidium orchids, and roses (but Brian tells me they are called the "Bryton Rose". How cute.)  It smells so sweet here.

Three new baby chicks joined the farm and they are just now turning their grown-up color.  And recently were allowed to wander the yard, but they mostly just follow Brian around like he is their mama.

The pond sits right outside our door.  So calming.  We keep our window open at night just to listen to it.  Koi fish and frogs live there along with the lily pads.

We know we are lucky to have such wonderful Land Lords that lets us use their yard as our own.  It makes it nice when we have to be outside, because M makes it so, to have somewhere to go and be surrounded by such beauty.  Each outside adventure is a new one.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey Jake!

I can hear you playing cars with Myer on the floor and it makes me smile.
We are both lucky to have you and your love.
From the bedtime stories, to changing diapers, to teaching a one-year-old bike parts,
Myer has a great Daddy.

Lots of hugs and kisses this Father's Day.
-me and M.

Friday, June 15, 2012

insta update

1. bath time  2. backyard sandbox
3. bathroom cupboards  4. tacos up the canyon
5. re-using a brides maid dress  6. dance party
7. lunch smoothies  8. temple date with my mom

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

and he walks!

On Sunday M and I were out roaming the halls, as usual, and found another little boy his age.  But this little boy was walking all by himself.  Now, up until this point Myer could walk but he wouldn't let go of my finger.  And my finger really didn't help, he just liked the security of it.  As soon as Myer saw this boy walking down the hall and turning around all by himself, he let go of my hand, batted it away, and walked away with perfect balance without looking back.  And he is a stellar little walker now.  I don't think he's really fallen yet, and he can get to a standing position all by himself.  Took long enough!  He just needed to see someone else his size accomplishing the task.  Skeptic.   But he does have the cutest walk.  I call it "The Samba".

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

call your girlfriend

Feeling like I needed a "not-on-the-beach-pick-me-up" for my Wednesday.
This sure did the trick.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

one by one

Myer's favorite thing lately is "boo bo" (books) 
where he brings them over to me one at a time,
and we read them.

We do this 3 times a day.
I really love that my son likes books.
A book worm after my own heart.

Monday, June 11, 2012

the last day. sad day.

We obviously weren't there long enough to work out our farmer's tan...but long enough to get a great Morse family vacation.  We loved that beach.  Maybe we should just move there.  Adios Cali!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

the amateur project

Check out this clip my cousin, Bryan, created to support his upcoming project.  Ever since we were little Bryan was the one with the camera in hand making movies.  And he's finally making things happen with his upcoming independent film called "The Amateur".  I am so proud of him.  (He was the funny cousin, can you tell?)  If you would like more info click here.  But seriously, I hoped you watched because it is "Freaking Great."  So proud and excited for you Bryan!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

driving on the freeway...

and BOOM this rounds the corner.  It took my breath away.  This is my favorite temple but I've never seen it person.  And no one told me (ahem Jake) that we might possibly see this temple just right off the freeway.  The next day I requested a little stop.  

My favorite stop thus far.
I love to see the temple.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

down by the pier

As soon as we could pull Myer away from the sandy beach we made our way down to the San Diego pier.  It was little boy heaven with all the big ferry boats, old pirate ships, fishing boats, navel ships, and navy helicopters flying around.  We even took a ride on a ferry around the coast.  I've never seen Myer (and Jake) in such heaven.  I love my boys.  And I love California.  Next up-- my favorite part of the trip.

Monday, June 4, 2012

back from the beach

and we've got sand in our suitcases to prove it.

More posts to come!