Monday, July 28, 2008

Bienvenidos a casa Elder Morse!

My long lost brother-in-law is home! Talk about weird, Mitch and I were "Cutest Couple" in 6th grade and friends all through high school, now I am married to his brother! Mitch left on his mission when Jake and I got engaged and then married so he is still trying grasp the idea of me being in the family. He didn't quite know how to handle me at the airport....hug or handshake? hug or handshake? We love him anyway, welcome home Mitch!

Jake, me, and our niece Jess waiting for Mitch's plane. The plane was delayed by an hour! The little niece and nephews did not like that...

This sign says "We love you!"

Mitch had his homecoming in the Alpine ward and then one in his new ward in Eagle Mountain. Don't Mitch and Jake look like brothers? I hope I don't get confused one day and grab the wrong person's hand! Nice face Jake...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

L. A. Hollywood!

Jessie invited me to go to Jump Nationals, which is a dance convention and competition with teachers and judges like Mandy Moore, Mia Michaels, Nick (he won the 1st season of SYTYCD), Dee, etc. She won VIP in the Salt Lake competition which means this competition was paid for! Good job Jess! Her team did great-- they won high gold in all of there dances. Since she was a VIP she learned three extra dances while she was down there and preformed them in the Final Show. She did great! Thanks Jess for working hard so I could come down to LA and see you tear it up!

We stayed in the NICEST hotel! It was right next to the Kodak Theatre, where the academy awards are!!!! And right outside is Hollywood and Highland where all the stars handprints are. Of course I got a picture of the Harry Potter Clan....

My mom also surprised me to Wicked!!! What a great surprise! Thanks Mom! For all of you who have seen it, I definitely cried and you know what part I am talking about...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We woke up early and went to bed late. We had to get everything in! I think i dragged Jake all over the park but I am proud to say we hit every ride. You are never too old to go to Disneyland!