Monday, January 31, 2011

it was a quick trip

 We left Friday and came back Sunday.  But it was a trip nonetheless.

Saturday involved sleeping in, out to breakfast, and hanging out by the pool.  That is 32 weeks in a swimming suit my friends.  (hence the black cover-up).

Of course after we went shopping, ate a late lunch, and then headed into the Flamingo...

The show was awesome.
Jake said I had perma-grin the whole 2 hours. (of course! my sis is on that stage!)
I'm not really sure what Donny and Marie were doing...but I sure know every dance move!

After, Jessie took us to a local restaurant off the strip called Firefly.  Oh yum.  This place was mouth watering.  Talk about everything and anything on one menu.

Then we made the long drive home Sunday. 

So we are a little (ok...maybe a lot) sad to be back.  The weather was warm, the food was delicious, and I got to hang with Jessie (in her new apartment with no furniture by the way).  This was our last trip for a long time so we savored it.

Now it's time to bring on February and then...March.  Come on babay!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come on over

I did a Guest Post over at Love and Photographs titled, "Fashion with a 9 Month Accessory".  
Come on over and take a peek...

Also, we are taking off tomorrow for Vegas
so have a happy weekend.
Bye bye friends.

(definitely had to lean over to get that shot...32 weeks and counting.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

favorite snap shots

 Times Square

 The NBA Store

 Boarding the ferry

 Rockefeller Center

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weeks left (roughly)

which means I am currently 30 weeks.
oh my how time flies.

pic on the right- baby morse's first ultra sound debut at 20 weeks. we think he's pretty cute. 
(sorry if that grosses anyone out...)

Monday, January 17, 2011

lady liberty

Us on the ferry ride over.
again, I can't believe the clear weather.
and it was a little warm. perfect.

there she is!

and there we are.
no we did not tour the inside--there was no way I was going to pay for another thing.
(and climb all those stairs...)
we were content to see her from the ground.

after, we got as close as we could to Ground Zero.
the reverence there was tangible.
It was a patriotic day
and another good reminder how lucky and proud I am to be an American.
Best way to start 2011.
thanks Lady Liberty for starting us off right.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

then we saw the city from up here

Empire State Building.
 still decorated from Christmas.  I felt like I was in some sort of movie...

 we lucked out with great weather. clear skies which meant a clear view.

the trooper Jake, and his healing black eye...

the whole gang.

we even got to see them setting up for the New Years Eve celebration.
the ball, 2011, and the stages.
I think we had the best view out of all of New York.

next stop: Statue of Liberty.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the laptop is back from the doc

sorry friends, we had to take the laptop to a fix-it shop over the weekend, but now it's back, so shall we cover the most important part of the trip??? I agree too. Funny story though...

Donny got deathly ill so they canceled the show... i know right....after finally getting out there....but we got a little private showing of their rehearsal.  i'll take that.  

and jessie gave us a tour of the Marquis: backstage, dressing rooms, and all. so fun.

Marie even came over and introduced herself. (shocker.) we met the producers, stage managers, and other dancers.  then we watched rehearsal-- front row and center.  again- i'll take that.

don't worry, we have already planned a trip down to Vegas to see the show.  (try in two weekends. score!)  but it was simply amazing to see jessie on broadway.  seeing her on that stage was crazy (and a little emotional.) loved meeting the cast, seeing jessie work with the other dancers, and being in New York to share this moment with her.  Holy cow.  Life is good.  I'm so happy we made this trip to witness all of it.  When else will i be able to see my sister live her most amazing dream? Especially now with baby in the picture, life is gonna be different and i'm so glad we took advantage of this.

thanks jessie for dragging your "7 little ducks" around the big city, putting us all up in your apartment, and making it to broadway!!! we are so proud of you.  can't wait to see you in Vegas.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the brooklyn bridge

our first stop was the Brooklyn Bridge.  
My little brother Cooper's dream was to walk the length of the bridge.

so we did.
all the while "Encyclopedia Cooper" gave us all the facts of who was involved, 
how long it took, equipment, etc. etc. etc.
we loved it. he was our own personal tour guide.

after that walk, we deserved a little treat. 
so we stopped by Pretty Little Cupcakes and had ourselves just that: 
a pretty little cupcake.

then we walked down by the pier, enjoyed the quaint little shops, deep dish pizza, 
and the freezing cold breeze from the ocean.

it was a very successful first day, but of course that's not all we did.
we did make our way back to Times Square but that's for another post....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

we're back

what a whirlwind of a trip:
plane ride to Baltimore,
train ride to NYC,
walking the Brooklyn Bridge,
sampling all the great native food, (and dessert)
seeing all of New York from the top of Empire State Building,
visiting all the over-the-top shops,
making our way through the Times Square crowds,
seeing Jessie's dressing room,
meeting Marie and the cast,
taking a boat over the Statue of Liberty,
feeling of the reverence at Ground Zero,
witnessing the hugest selection of purses. ever.
throughouly entertained by Mary Poppins,
kissing by the Rockefeller Christmas Tree,
trying to fit all our souvenirs in a carry-on,
and making our flight home on time.

we're exhausted but sad to be back.  we loved this trip.  I think we can face reality now...or not...