Friday, February 22, 2013

life of a frozen yogurt

and life lessons on the Brain Freeze.

Happy Friday!
Now go treat yourself.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the living planet aquarium

For our President's Day we celebrated royally at the Living Planet Aquarium.  Myer's been obsessed with fish lately (we may or may not watch Finding Nemo on a regular basis) so everything was "Nemo!", "Dori!", "Brrruce!", "Dude!", and " haha". We felt like awesome parents standing next to the kids who actually called the fish by their real names.  

We saw penguins, sea horses, snakes, jelly fish, electric eels, and otters. Otters! They were cute, playful, and busy.  Kinda reminded me of a small little red head that I chased around the aquarium all morning...

We are planning a trip to San Diego in April, and we can't wait to see Myer's face when he sees the Zoo and Sea World.  So this was a little taste but a big success!  We are so excited now.  But now we just need to learn the names of the animals in the Lion King so we won't be yelling out "Scar" and "Seemba".  We'll work on it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sent a little love to new mexico

Myer sent his cousins, Maddix and Navy, a homemade valentine
as simple as painted noodles.

We got the idea from my favorite, Alison.

Talk about giving your rambunctious toddler something to do
and then giving a heartfelt gift.

My kind of valentines day.
 I think that's the last of the valentines post...

I just love this holiday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

post v-day

This little man was a little excited about his new towel from valentines.
I now call him my dancing Walrus.
Happy valentines day M!

Mom & Dad

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

now we're ready for you v-day

It's only the day before Valentines.
Thought I'd get a wreath up and admire it a mere two days.
That should be enough time.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


If you asked me what our plans are for August,
I couldn't tell you.
If you asked me what our plans are for May,
I couldn't tell you.
If you asked me what our plans are for next week,
I couldn't tell you.

I live week by week.

So much depends on next fall that it kills me.
The principal, my department, and the Utah School State Board
are asking what my plans are.

I have no idea.

Then I found this quote.

Whatever happens to my future, 
it is for a purpose--part of a plan that God is working on.
It's hard not to see what this year will bring
but Jake and I know that God is listening to our prayers.
If I am to teach next fall, I will and sacrifice being a mommy.
If I am not, I hope it's because Jake has a job that he was meant for.

Whatever path we are meant to take
it will be part of our path,
part of the puzzle.

I just hope that piece gets put into place soon.

Monday, February 11, 2013

saturday. oye saturday.

Our intention was Logan for a conference, but we ended up in Idaho.
4 hours later.
Then I confused USU's campus with Weber State's.
Only to be in the right place the first time.
Another hour.
I also have a cold.  Cold number 4.
Anna, my friend and co-traveler, is pregnant.
She also has a cold.
After the conference we left USU at 5:00.
Counted 16 wrecks on the way home.
Our speed was a constant 35 mph.
Arrived home at 9:30.

If it weren't for the people we saw--friends, colleagues, and professors, I'm seriously doubting if that trip was worth it.


picture found here

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

waffle luv

I surprised Jake to waffles Friday night.  It's his favorite food.  So we stopped by the Waffle Luv truck and had ourselves a party of strawberries, waffles, and cream.  Yum.  This may be an every Friday night occurrence.  Thanks Waffle truck, we felt the luv.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jake's jeepin trip

As you can tell, Jake had an awesome trip in St. George with his brother, dad, and friends.  He stayed an extra day which was not surprise.  They jeeped two trails-- one was called "Slip, Lock, Gulch" and the other one was "Milts Mile".  I think I received a dozen videos of Jake and his brother, Mitch, dominating on the trails.  As they should, since they've been working on these jeeps for a while now to make them rock crawl without a problem.  This is what Jake, his brothers, and his dad do--jeep and work on the jeeps.  I love seeing Jake in his element.  We missed him, but I think the guy deserves a break every once in a while.  Glad you had fun Jake.