Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

a letter {to Lennon}


Happy 2 months today!  That came up a little too fast.  It always does.  Myer was all of a sudden 2 months too so this time, I tried to enjoy every day.  I tried taking more pictures of you since you change so quickly but even now I don't think I took enough. 

You still are a great sleeper.  You give me 4-5 hours at night and 2-3 during the day.  After you nurse you can only stay awake for 45 minutes or less so I feel like you are always sleeping.  But when you are awake, you are happy and talkative. 

Your favorite person in this world is Myer.  You look for him.  When you hear his voice, you must see him.  You used to like to be held up by my shoulder but that has changed to forward facing so you can see your brother.  Your biggest smiles are always for him.  And he loves you too.  He kisses you, touches you, asks where you are, makes sure you come with us in the car, and calls you, "Baby sister" or "baby Lennon".  I hope you always stay this excited to see each other.

Your second favorite, I'm happy to say, is me.  You are a mama's girl.  If you could have it your way, you would sleep on me for every nap and even at night.  We used to sleep together at night so I could watch your grunting that had me so worried and I loved it.  I would lay you down next to me, and eventually you would work your way all the way into my side.  Your nose had to be smooshed into my side.  And we slept like that all night.  But, your grunting did keep me awake at night so we moved you into your room when you were 6 weeks old.  I had to wrap one of my shirts on your bunny to get you to stay in your crib.  When I check on you, it melts my heart how snuggled into that shirt you are.  Your nose is smooshed like always.  Sometimes for naps if you wake up half way, I'll pick you up, and you'll snuggle right in and snooze away.  This gets me every time and I think I indulge it a little too much.  I can't help it!  You're so snugging.

Our favorite word to describe you is "precious".  Every thing about you is "precious".  You have the littlest features, the tiniest cry, and the quietest laugh.  I love all this girl stuff.  And we love you.  My mom tells me "this is how you were as a baby".  This makes my heart swell because maybe we'll be two peas in a pod.  (and really the main reason is my mom said I was her easiest baby so that's a plus!)  So far it's proven to be true. 

We just love you and didn't know what we did to deserve such a calm, quiet, peaceful little being.  Straight from heaven surely!  I hate to say this, but I'm looking forward to the next few months to really see your personality.  We need a calm soul around here.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lennon's Blessing Day

Sunday was a special day for our family-- we blessed Lennon Lou!  We were excited to celebrate with friends and family.  Most of all, it was special to be a part of the beautiful blessing Jake gave our girl.  On days like these I feel extraordinary lucky to be married to him.  He is everything I want Myer to strive to be.  I love that my husband can participate in momentous occasions such as this.  But, it did make me cry when he talked about her getting married and stuff.  Not yet missy, not yet
^^^my family^^^
^^^my grandparents^^^
^^^us girls and our babies^^^ 

^^^Jake's family^^^
^^^4 generations: My grandma, my mom, me, and Lennon^^^
 Thanks to all who came to support our family it meant the world to us.  We have great friends and family.  Lennon thanks you all too!

Friday, November 1, 2013

happy halloween!

Lions and tigers and bears....oh my!

 ^^^ the sleepiest bear I ever did see ^^^
^^^ and the cutest red-headed lion I ever did see ^^^