Tuesday, July 31, 2012

toddler finger painting

The heat does strange things to you, like thinking "Hey, I want to paint with my 16 month old son."  It seemed like a good idea-- inside, out of the heat, and strapped to a chair.  But not such a good idea when M wanted to eat the blue paint and lift up the newspapers to paint more than just his little piece of paper.  Whatever.  He was happy.  So I let him do whatever.  Nothing a bath can't fix.

Monday, July 30, 2012

a great week in the form of a list:

1. Myer's four teeth finally broke through.
2. Got an unexpected, but great, phone call for Jake.
3. Watched the Opening Ceremonies with my little family on the couch.
4. The person ahead of me in the check-out line paid for my groceries.
5. First experience crying in the grocery store.
6. Got two DVD's in the mail instead of just one.
7. Spent a morning in Park City.
8. Caught up with out of town friends.
9. Made some amazing easy Pad Thai.
10. And played in the crib with M.

One of my favorite weeks so far.  And it's nice to know that good people are still out there.  Feeling especially blessed and happy.  I hope your week produced a top ten too.


Friday, July 27, 2012

insta update

1. technology baby  2. green pleated skirt
3. in a hat like dad  4. Myer and Daisy
5. human parking lot  6. NBA.com
7. my family  8. firetruck escort
9. bath hair  10. laughs

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pioneery things

For Utah's Birthday, we spent the afternoon at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.  I was waiting for a cooler day and just as if Utah was reading my mind, it gave us perfect temperatures yesterday.  (When it's your birthday, you can do anything.)  Lately M's been fascinated with "hosee's", "moo's", "bawk bawk's," and "baa's"so as expected he was thrilled to be around it all.  

We found a mini pony just his size, and Myer stroked his head and ears for a good 10 minutes.  It was darling.  That horse probably liked it too.  We also saw a pregnant cow, sleeping pigs, goats smaller than Myer, llamas, and wild turkeys.  But we just couldn't stay away from the mini ponies.  It's hard not to when they're as tall as him and oh so willing for a head rub.  

A great Pioneer Day to say the least.  We got in touch with our pioneer/farmer roots and brought that smell home with us.  Happy Birthday Utah!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pioneer day

Alpine has it's own pioneer history and amazing men and women who sacrificed lots to settle our little community, as well as the state of Utah.  One man, who many know his story, is John Moyle.  His homestead is a mile west of us and we are lucky to know his history: (the following passage is from this link)

John Rowe Moyle, a master of stonework who came west with the earliest handcart companies in 1846.  He settled in Alpine Utah, which was nearly 22 miles away from downtown Salt Lake City.  He was called to be a stone mason on the Salt Lake Temple.  In order to fulfill his calling, and to be to work by 8:00 in the morning, every Monday Moyle would wake up at 2:00 a.m., and begin his long walk over the hill, and through the valley to the temple of the Lord.
He would spend the week in Salt Lake, working on the temple, and then on Friday, at 5:00 p.m., he would start the long walk home, where he would tend to the duties of his farm over the weekend.
One weekend, while tending to his farm, he was kicked as one of his cows bolted while milking, resulting in a compound fracture to his leg.  In the lack of any sophisticated medical help at the time, the only available solution for his injury was amputation.  His family and friends removed a door from its hinges, and strapped him onto it, and then removed his leg with a hacksaw.
As soon as he was able, once he could sit up in bed, he took a piece of wood, and using his carving skills, carved an artificial limb for himself so that such a little thing like the loss of a leg would not prevent him from walking each week to work on the temple.
As soon as he was able to stand the pain from walking on his stub leg, he again journeyed to the temple, and resumed his work, which he did for many years to come.
22 miles.  6 hours.  One way.  Every weekend.  By foot.  Then he even lost a leg....
Moyle's sacrifice and endurance is honorable and inspiring.  It makes me proud to be a Utahn and even more proud as an Alpiner.  Happy 24th/Pioneer Day/Birthday to you, Utah and all those in our memory.
picture taken by me 200 film

Monday, July 23, 2012

a boys night

Jake took Myer to his first Father and Son campout Friday night, but with a 10:00 curfew mind you. So that meant I had a night to myself.  I found all my dry clean only clothes I could find, and went out with a girlfriend.  Dinner was wonderful-- I didn't have to order with a mooching toddler in mind, rush, or leave a mess.  I hate leaving a mess.  And talking with an adult was refreshing.  But, I don't think Jake did this for my sake, he was real excited to take Myer out where they could be boys.  Myer came home filthy but with a smile on his face.  Turns out that campout benefited both of us.  And made us realize that weekends like that need to happen more often.

Friday, July 20, 2012

the pottery wheel

My mom treated to me a mini pottery class where we learned how to make a pot in in a whopping 60 minutes.  I totally ruined my first one (how do you remember all the steps in one sitting??)  And I didn't realize the strength required for shaping clay.  Wow.  I think that's how my first one died... but I'm proud of my second pot.  I can't wait to see it after the kiln.

Again-- so proud.  And no I did not do the detailing around the rim.  That's far too out of my league.  I let the teacher "finish it off" for me.  Now I got to decide what color to glaze it...green?  Thanks Mom!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

cali polaroids

This is my favorite way to document our trips
with good old pola.
I don't know how I forgot about these...
but better late than never!

film: px 680 Color Shade Flush

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a hike

We took a family hike in the Alpine Mountains to see where the Quail Fire burned.  Jake was curious to see what kind of damage happened to our trails, and I must admit, was a little curious too.  We started in the Box Elder circle and hiked east of the Rodeo Grounds.  It was basically what we thought it was-- black and dry, but what I didn't expect was the lingering smell of smoke.  Really more heartbreaking than anything.  Jake biked these green trials and all we could was shake our heads.

But low and behold, on our way down, we found some green in all that black.  A better way to end the hike, as well as a little promise for the future.

Friday, July 13, 2012

he did this himself

Sometimes when Myer plays too quiet, it spells trouble.
(like the other day when he found the cotton balls...)
But other times, it spells picture worthy.

I found him like this after quietly playing in the sandbox.
They're in order from biggest to smallest
plus he got on that bench himself.

And I thought he was eating sand.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

the scouts took him

Jake is at scout camp until Saturday.
Which means I can't sleep,
I'm eating all kinds of sweets,
and surprisingly, keeping my house the cleanest it's ever been.
Spouses going out of town do the weirdest things to you.
2 more days...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a pony ride

Over the weekend we visited one of our friend's family farm complete with sheep, a big dog, a mini horse, and a tractor.  We first fed the sheep apples, and then we took our turn on the pony ride.  The cutest sounds came out of little M.  He was in "hosey" heaven. Then he was in "did der" (digger) heaven when Jake climbed in the tractor with him on his lap.  These new adventures with a boy is a riot.  Oh little farm, you did us some good.