Monday, April 28, 2014

meet my friend melissa

This is Melissa.  Her and I became friends when we moved into the neighborhood last summer.  When she introduced herself, she said she only had one child, a girl, who is 12 years old, and I thought nothing of it.  Then I started hearing things about Melissa like in vitro, adoption, failed in vitro etc. etc. but nothing from her.  I put the pieces together and assumed that she was trying to get pregnant.  I just didn't know for how long.  One day I took her out to dinner and asked her to share her story because, well, I was curious.  She told me that she had been trying to get pregnant for the past eleven and a half years.  Eleven and a half years!  I would have given up after 5.  But her story is amazing and her example of faith, perseverance, and strength is one I will always look to when I'm feeling sorry for myself.  If you would like to know her whole story click here for her blog. I mean, I have my own personal Sariah on my hands.

If you can't tell, she is pregnant.  We all cried when she announced it.  (She announced it at Christmas as her Christmas miracle.)  So Saturday was the long awaited big baby shower.  It was at a stake center because EVERYONE was there.  She has inspired so many people that it was no surprise that it was packed.  (and who wouldn't be excited for her???)  Lennon and I were naturally in attendance.

I know I'm lucky to have made a friend in Melissa, let alone move into same neighborhood.  I try to have positive and good people in my life and she is gold.  If she moves, or I move, there better be 2 houses right next to each other.  Or, Lennon and her little boy gets married.  Deal.

Friday, April 25, 2014

tulips, tulips, tulips

I've lived in Utah all my life and this is the first time I've been to the tulip festival.  I even worked at Thanksgiving Point for a time and still didn't get a chance to go.  Sad I know.  But why not experience it the first time with your two kids??  So it all worked out.  We were blown away by all the colorful tulips.  Myer called it the "Flower Gym" because it was so big.  We spent the afternoon exploring, Myer led the way with his map, and Lennon just hung out in the wrap.  I am seriously considering buying a season pass to Thanksgiving Point because we can't stay away.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

insta update

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Monday, April 21, 2014

all things easter

 First we hit up the Easter Egg hunt with our cousins.  What?  You don't go egg hunting in your lion beanie?  As we were leaving in the morning I called out to Myer, "Ok Myer let's get ready to go!" and he came running out of his room "ready to go" with that beanie on.  Classic Myer.  But his cute cousin Navy showed up in a tutu so apparently it was a costume party as well.  I love this age.
Then of course Easter Sunday. Myer got some train tracks and Lennon got a doll.  We found the eggs the Easter Bunny hid (which was only 6) and somehow made it to church on time. 
And p.s. I didn't know that our tree outside our bedroom sprouted flowers in the spring time.  I wonder what other surprises we'll see this spring in our new place.  Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a pizza truck

Called Fiore.  This kind of pizza is my happy place.  I am thrilled to know that it is on a moving truck that comes to my city every weekend.  Or am I in trouble?  It was a hit for the whole family so yes, we'll be in line again this coming weekend.  Forever customer!

Friday, April 11, 2014

our "spring break"

Just because we're not in school or work full time, doesn't mean we can't have our own Spring Break.  We went on bike rides, played at Farm Country, had a picnic at the park, and a playdate with our cousins.  And we got our first sunburns for the season.  I'll chalk that one up as a successful spring break!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the taylor family is back

The big news of our family is that my sister and her family moved back to Utah!  They'll be living at my parent's house until my brother in law finds a new job and we, especially Myer, are excited.  We saw them on Sunday, and it was the best seeing the little cousins united again.  Maddix is so grown up and his caring personality makes a great leader for the three of them.  Navy (her hair!) is just there for the party.  She is game for anything.  Myer calls them his "friend cousins" and asks to play with them every morning.  Let's hope they keep playing nice....  Oh, and I finally held my niece, Elodie.  She is a chunker but a very chill chunker.  And she smelled so good.  Yummy newborn smell.

I'm so glad my nieces and nephew are living close again.  We've missed so many things-- birthdays, playgroups, babysitting, etc. that we've got a lot to make up for.  Because who knows how long they'll be in Utah.  We hope Mike finds something quick but secretly we hope he finds something here.  We love our "friend cousins".

Thursday, April 3, 2014

myer's gymnastic showcase

 Myer has been taking gymnastics for a few months now, and his cute little showcase was on Saturday.  It was a grand total of 15 minutes but goodness he was sure cute.  Showed us what he had been learning and even showed us his "Right teacher".  I was a proud-videotapping-mommy.  He got a cute little medal at the end, and it was all I could do to not to let him wear it to church the next day.  But of course he couldn't show us that he was completely thrilled, so hence the lovely serious faces below.  Proud of my Myer Man.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

someone joined us for church on Sunday...

So I'm that crazy mom who won't let her babies go to church before they're 6 months old.  (Germs love church).  Luckily, Lenni passed the 6 month mark so she got the green light!  It was crazy with two kids, but I finally got to sit next to Jake after 6 months of trading off Sundays.  I think our new ward thought we were having marriage issues...nope just an OCD mom.  Welcome to church Lennon.