Monday, April 21, 2014

all things easter

 First we hit up the Easter Egg hunt with our cousins.  What?  You don't go egg hunting in your lion beanie?  As we were leaving in the morning I called out to Myer, "Ok Myer let's get ready to go!" and he came running out of his room "ready to go" with that beanie on.  Classic Myer.  But his cute cousin Navy showed up in a tutu so apparently it was a costume party as well.  I love this age.
Then of course Easter Sunday. Myer got some train tracks and Lennon got a doll.  We found the eggs the Easter Bunny hid (which was only 6) and somehow made it to church on time. 
And p.s. I didn't know that our tree outside our bedroom sprouted flowers in the spring time.  I wonder what other surprises we'll see this spring in our new place.  Happy Easter!