Friday, December 27, 2013

lucky 7

The number 7 sure is lucky for us.
This 7th year of marriage has been our best year yet:
new job
your new jeep
new house
and new baby.

We're so lucky.
And I'm so lucky to have you,
love, me.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas eve and christmas morning

^^^ making Christmas Eve dinner with my grandma and mom ^^^
^^^ we played a game with paper plates on our heads.  Myer fully participated. ^^^
^^^ Christmas morning! ^^^
 ^^^ Striped Christmas Jammies ^^^
 ^^^ My little brother Oakley got a unicycle for Christmas so Jake was showing him the ropes ^^^
This is my favorite Christmas by far.  Having kids who understand what is going on is THE BEST.  Myer was excited about it all-- the cookies for Santa, carrots for Rudolph, Christmas jammies, our traditional Hoot-nnany pancakes, and of course his presents.  And to have a cute little girl on my hip made it even sweeter.  We are still coming down from our exciting two days and still in our pj's. I'll let you know if I ever decide this Christmas is over.  Until next year...

Monday, December 23, 2013

santa at the conference center

 Jake's dad, who works for the LDS church, invited us to his work Christmas party.  Which was kinda shocking because it was in the Conference Center and they basically let us roam all over.  Myer got to sit at the organ, speak into the pulpit and even go back stage.  But, the best part was Santa.  (who was really my father in law.  They lowered him on ropes from the ceiling, and I don't know who was more excited; my son or my husband.)  Myer got to sit on his lap and tell him all he wanted for Christmas.  It was kinda special that it was his Papa Morse and I think he gave M some extra minutes just because. 
This was the only Christmas party we were able to attend this season and it more than made up for ones we missed.  I left Lennon with my parents and I'm so glad I did so I could see the magic in Myer's eyes.  What a great party.  I love Christmas with kids.  So magical.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Our ornaments this year

 Of course the big event in our life this year was when Lennon was born.  So naturally, that is hanging proudly on our tree.  But, we also had a really fun trip to San Diego this past summer so we had to get an ornament commemorating that.  It must be a bird theme this year...
Also, here was last years ornament-- red for when I was a teacher at AFHS (their colors are red, black, and white).  Myer thinks it's his and calls it "when I went to school".   I just nod and smile.  I love our tree and all the memories it holds.  Click here for the past post showing other yearly ornaments.  It's one of my favorite traditions.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

happy birthday to the guy turning 29

And we celebrated with what we love, CAKE!  Jake got a bow and some arrows for his birthday (back in September) so sadly he didn't have anything to open, but I think he is still excited about being a mountain man all the same.  His selling point to me was, "Babe, I'll be able to provide food for us in the millennium."  So...ya.  

Happy birthday stud!  You deserve this day to be centered around you because you make our world go round.  Now go get us some deer!

Monday, December 16, 2013

a letter {to lennon}


Seriously?  I'm already writing another letter?  Goodness girl, you are growing and getting older too fast.  And guess what?  In just two weeks it will be your first Christmas.  I am giddy.  I probably shouldn't have bought all that I did for a 3 month old,'re a girl so... it's a given.  Get excited for Christmas morning!

This past month you've noticed your hands.  You hold them when you're not doing anything, you suck on them when you sleep, and you try to get them to your mouth when you're sitting up.  I wonder if this means you'll be a thumb/finger sucker...we will see.

You've also noticed your voice.  You talk mostly to Myer but when can tear yourself away from him, you gurggle quite a lot to me and your dad.  It's just little and quiet.  Precious really.  Each time in your crib before you fall asleep, you have the most talkative conversations.  I don't know who is in there with you but they hear a mouthful.  You've laughed for your dad too.  I think his beard scared you so you laughed not knowing what else to do.

Sadly, you've already been sick.  Twice.  First was an ear infection and second was a respiratory infection (almost RSV but we caught it in time).  You may be getting a third one here as Myer's been sick the past two days so we'll see.  You still sleep like a champ so that gives me some reassurance that you're not feeling too terrible.  We have basically become hermits--staying home from everything and anything.  I don't want you sick for Christmas!  I hope we can keep you healthy this winter season.

I love just holding you on my lap.  You sit there content and quiet.  It's just you, Myer, and I at home so we follow one another room to room with you on my hip.  It really is the best.  It's too much fun having a boy and girl and seeing the difference between you two growing up.  I'm looking forward to what month 4 and 5 bring!  Not really, but I have some really cute clothes I'm dying to put on you.  Dress up!

Love, love love,

Friday, December 13, 2013


So....the sick bug has struck over here.  
4 times.  
It started with Myer--just a cold.  
But of course Lennon gets it and it turns into an ear infection.  
Then a few weeks later, Lennon gets sick again with a respiratory infection 
(not RSV thank goodness!) 
We are just now getting over that when Myer wakes up with a fever on Wednesday.  
I'm praying and hoping that Lennon doesn't get this too.  
Can I catch a break please?!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

instead of a christmas card...

We sent out Lennon's birth announcement.
(I wasn't going to pay for double postage)
Killing two birds with one stone essentially.

Bri over at Collected Blog designed the announcement
and of course the picture is by Heather Telford Photography.

We love it!
Merry Christmas from us!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the first snowfall

To say it snowed, is an understatement.  It snowed for two days and then the freezing temperatures stuck around afterward.  The cold didn't phase Myer, he was ready to help and he was excited to use his new snow shovel.  Our neighbors benefited from Myer's gusto to shovel everything.  You're welcome.
I know I'm lucky to have two cute boys to shovel my driveway and walkways.  We'll be covered this winter that's for sure!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aunt Jessie took him to the zoo

Jessie's brother in law grows award winning pumpkins every year.  They are huge.  And after their season, he donates them to Hogle Zoo to feed the elephants.  So every year on Thanksgiving, Jessie's in law family gets to go up to the zoo and see the elephants eat the pumpkins.  This year, she took Myer along!  And he loved it.  All I've heard about since he came home is "Elephants a-smash a-pumkins.  And eat it!"  Also, he still has the zoo map and carries it every where.  So Aunt Jessie, props to a great outing.  He'll remember this for a while!

Yep, a great memory made for sure.  I'm sad that Jessie and Carson left on Monday because Myer loves his aunt and uncle.  It's pretty clear why.  I am so spoiled with great siblings that love my kids like their own.  We're requesting that they come here for every Thanksgiving so we can go to the zoo and watch the elephants eat.  Too much fun!

Monday, December 2, 2013

our thanksgiving

 I can't believe another Thanksgiving came and gone!  Man, when you have a baby, life and time just pass just so fast.  (That means Christmas is in 3 weeks! Yikes!)

We were lucky to spend the Turkey day with my family this year.  My sister from Minnesota came in town and we couldn't get enough of Aunt Jessie, Uncle Carson, and Remmie. We all missed them so much and loved the every minute spent together.  And let's be honest, we mostly loved Jessie's healthy gourmet cooking.  Yum.  We missed my older sister and her family, but they were celebrating in Myrtle Beach this year so I don't feel too bad for them...
Family really is the greatest when holidays come around.  My little brother, Cooper, will be leaving on a mission soon and my sister, Sierra, will be going to college as well, so I soaked it all up.  There are so many changes when you have a big family that when you get together, it's priceless.  At least for me anyway.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were surrounded by those you love.  Now only 23 days left till Christmas!