Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas eve and christmas morning

^^^ making Christmas Eve dinner with my grandma and mom ^^^
^^^ we played a game with paper plates on our heads.  Myer fully participated. ^^^
^^^ Christmas morning! ^^^
 ^^^ Striped Christmas Jammies ^^^
 ^^^ My little brother Oakley got a unicycle for Christmas so Jake was showing him the ropes ^^^
This is my favorite Christmas by far.  Having kids who understand what is going on is THE BEST.  Myer was excited about it all-- the cookies for Santa, carrots for Rudolph, Christmas jammies, our traditional Hoot-nnany pancakes, and of course his presents.  And to have a cute little girl on my hip made it even sweeter.  We are still coming down from our exciting two days and still in our pj's. I'll let you know if I ever decide this Christmas is over.  Until next year...