Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aunt Jessie took him to the zoo

Jessie's brother in law grows award winning pumpkins every year.  They are huge.  And after their season, he donates them to Hogle Zoo to feed the elephants.  So every year on Thanksgiving, Jessie's in law family gets to go up to the zoo and see the elephants eat the pumpkins.  This year, she took Myer along!  And he loved it.  All I've heard about since he came home is "Elephants a-smash a-pumkins.  And eat it!"  Also, he still has the zoo map and carries it every where.  So Aunt Jessie, props to a great outing.  He'll remember this for a while!

Yep, a great memory made for sure.  I'm sad that Jessie and Carson left on Monday because Myer loves his aunt and uncle.  It's pretty clear why.  I am so spoiled with great siblings that love my kids like their own.  We're requesting that they come here for every Thanksgiving so we can go to the zoo and watch the elephants eat.  Too much fun!