Monday, December 16, 2013

a letter {to lennon}


Seriously?  I'm already writing another letter?  Goodness girl, you are growing and getting older too fast.  And guess what?  In just two weeks it will be your first Christmas.  I am giddy.  I probably shouldn't have bought all that I did for a 3 month old,'re a girl so... it's a given.  Get excited for Christmas morning!

This past month you've noticed your hands.  You hold them when you're not doing anything, you suck on them when you sleep, and you try to get them to your mouth when you're sitting up.  I wonder if this means you'll be a thumb/finger sucker...we will see.

You've also noticed your voice.  You talk mostly to Myer but when can tear yourself away from him, you gurggle quite a lot to me and your dad.  It's just little and quiet.  Precious really.  Each time in your crib before you fall asleep, you have the most talkative conversations.  I don't know who is in there with you but they hear a mouthful.  You've laughed for your dad too.  I think his beard scared you so you laughed not knowing what else to do.

Sadly, you've already been sick.  Twice.  First was an ear infection and second was a respiratory infection (almost RSV but we caught it in time).  You may be getting a third one here as Myer's been sick the past two days so we'll see.  You still sleep like a champ so that gives me some reassurance that you're not feeling too terrible.  We have basically become hermits--staying home from everything and anything.  I don't want you sick for Christmas!  I hope we can keep you healthy this winter season.

I love just holding you on my lap.  You sit there content and quiet.  It's just you, Myer, and I at home so we follow one another room to room with you on my hip.  It really is the best.  It's too much fun having a boy and girl and seeing the difference between you two growing up.  I'm looking forward to what month 4 and 5 bring!  Not really, but I have some really cute clothes I'm dying to put on you.  Dress up!

Love, love love,