Wednesday, December 31, 2014

8 year anniversary dinner

 8 years! 8 years?  I feels like it's only been 5.  How in the heck did we get so old??  I guess we are old foggies because the only thing I wanted to do was go out to a nice quiet dinner.  We went to La Jolla Groves and ate the yummiest food.
^^^^ it even looked pretty ^^^^
and my date wasn't that bad looking either.

We are hoping to go boarding or something when the holidays calm down, but we will see even if that happens.  But, we still have Playa in April so we just go paddleBOARDING instead.  And I am super okay with that.   Happy Anni Jake!  Thanks for the flowers, the shoes, dinner, and 8 INCREDIBLE years together which gave us so much.  Especially our 2 darling kids.  Love you. --Bryton

Skyping at Christmas

Probably the highlight of Christmas was talking to my brother who is serving in the Philippines.  He skyped with us for 45 minutes Christmas night.  He was so organized-- he asked us a head of time in his weekly email, to have questions ready (so we don't waste time) and then he had questions for each of us.  And his questions were missionary related, like at the end he would bring it back to our testimonies or missionary work.  I loved it.  He looked 24 and like he's been serving for 3 years.  I could see that he wants to do well, follow the rules, give his best, and just serve.  At the end he told us, by name, that he loved us but he loved serving the Lord more.  And then right at the 45 minute mark, he said goodbye and logged off.  Such an obedient missionary.  I was bawling by the end and didn't want to say goodbye, but it was comforting to know that I would still be getting another email from him in just a week.  I can't wait for Mother's Day.  Merry Christmas Elder!

Friday, December 26, 2014


 Myer got a scooter for Christmas!  He brought that thing over to Grandma Di's house to show everyone.  I don't think he walked at all that day--just scooted every where.
 ^^^ someone liked the scooter too ^^^
 Christmas day was magical!  We spent the day over at Grandma Di's with ALL our Morse cousins.  So fun to have everyone back.  Myer loved his scooter, digger, Thomas the train stuff, books, his "white board with markers" and lots of chocolate.  Lennon just loved all the attention.  (She got some dolls and a wooden zoo puzzle.  She loves them.) Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve first started with a movie with Aunt Jessie.  Just cousins.  They saw "Big Hero 6" and loved it.  Props to my sis for taking all 3 little ones.  She's the best.

Then it was time for the Nativity!  We went over to my other sister's house who is finally back for the holidays and dressed all up for our parts.  Myer was Joseph and Navy was Mary.
^^^^ Lennon was the angel. ^^^^
 ^^^^ Bringing "good tidings of great joy!" ^^^^
 ^^^^ All the shepherds listened to the angel ^^^^
 ^^^^ Great Grandma and Grandpa were the wise men.  Very fitting ^^^^
 ^^^^ decorating sugar cookies! ^^^^
We loved hanging out at my sister's house.  Cousins and family make holidays better and just more entertaining.  I loved acting out the Nativity with my our kids because it was what we used to do as siblings growing up.  Traditions!  Next up, Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Elder Thacker Update

Training done. Tapos Na. Over. Grabi.

Hello everyone! Kumusta po Kayo!

This was a good week with alot of "lasts!" Most of them in a really good way.
This was the "last" week with my Trainer Elder Potestad.... Ya ya its a bummer.

Then Saturday was Elder Potestad's "last" Birthday here in the mission! Fun day working hard. There was one lesson I want to particularly share. We were teaching Sister Ariane and Brother "RR" (Perfecto). They are scheduled to be bap. the 27! They are so smart! When we first met them they were so shy. But now they answer and really show their desire to follow Christ. Elder Potestad and I taught a great lesson about priesthood and then he bore his testimony. The Spirit was so strong. I couldn't help but smile. They felt it and were just "glowing." so excited to see them continue in the church! Had a lot of moments this week like that. Such a spirit when teaching:) I love that feeling!
Then latter that night we had Branch FHE. It was full of games, kids, families, fun and then a special tribute to the leaving of Elder Potestad. everyone gave their regards including myself. but for some reason I couldn't speak in tagalog very well right then and there ..ooops! 
Finally yesterday the "last" church attendance. Testimony meeting. Such a warm, gentle spirit as the members of the branch bore their testimonies. Then Elder Potestad gave his. He got a little teary eyed as most did in the audience. Once again powerful. If you get the chance read John 6:66-69 his favorite scripture."
Can't wait to talk to this Elder on Christmas!! It's been 4 months.  It will be exciting to hear about his next companion and area.  Love this kid.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jake's 30th Birthday Yurt

 Since Jake was turning the big 30 I thought he needed something big to celebrate.  So I surprised him to an overnight stay at the Blue Sky Yurt with his friends.  A Yurt is basically a round tent with a stove, beds, etc. way up in the mountains by Park City.  I thought a manly trip would help him cope with his upcoming bday.  (And I totally surprised him!!)  He still had a hard time with his old age, but at least he proved to himself that he is young enough to rough it out in the wilderness.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Myer's Preschool Christmas Program

He knew every word. Every action. And it was the cutest thing. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, because he wouldn't let me sing any of his program songs with him.  I was so surprised.  And so proud!  After he met Santa, he told me "When I grow up I want to be Santa's Elf and sing songs for him all day."  We may have a little singer on our hands...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Point Loma

^^^^ Old Point Loma Lighthouse ^^^^
 ^^^^ the staircase ^^^^
Basically every view was a gorgeous view.  And a lot of paths to run.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014