Monday, December 22, 2014

Elder Thacker Update

Training done. Tapos Na. Over. Grabi.

Hello everyone! Kumusta po Kayo!

This was a good week with alot of "lasts!" Most of them in a really good way.
This was the "last" week with my Trainer Elder Potestad.... Ya ya its a bummer.

Then Saturday was Elder Potestad's "last" Birthday here in the mission! Fun day working hard. There was one lesson I want to particularly share. We were teaching Sister Ariane and Brother "RR" (Perfecto). They are scheduled to be bap. the 27! They are so smart! When we first met them they were so shy. But now they answer and really show their desire to follow Christ. Elder Potestad and I taught a great lesson about priesthood and then he bore his testimony. The Spirit was so strong. I couldn't help but smile. They felt it and were just "glowing." so excited to see them continue in the church! Had a lot of moments this week like that. Such a spirit when teaching:) I love that feeling!
Then latter that night we had Branch FHE. It was full of games, kids, families, fun and then a special tribute to the leaving of Elder Potestad. everyone gave their regards including myself. but for some reason I couldn't speak in tagalog very well right then and there ..ooops! 
Finally yesterday the "last" church attendance. Testimony meeting. Such a warm, gentle spirit as the members of the branch bore their testimonies. Then Elder Potestad gave his. He got a little teary eyed as most did in the audience. Once again powerful. If you get the chance read John 6:66-69 his favorite scripture."
Can't wait to talk to this Elder on Christmas!! It's been 4 months.  It will be exciting to hear about his next companion and area.  Love this kid.