Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Skyping at Christmas

Probably the highlight of Christmas was talking to my brother who is serving in the Philippines.  He skyped with us for 45 minutes Christmas night.  He was so organized-- he asked us a head of time in his weekly email, to have questions ready (so we don't waste time) and then he had questions for each of us.  And his questions were missionary related, like at the end he would bring it back to our testimonies or missionary work.  I loved it.  He looked 24 and like he's been serving for 3 years.  I could see that he wants to do well, follow the rules, give his best, and just serve.  At the end he told us, by name, that he loved us but he loved serving the Lord more.  And then right at the 45 minute mark, he said goodbye and logged off.  Such an obedient missionary.  I was bawling by the end and didn't want to say goodbye, but it was comforting to know that I would still be getting another email from him in just a week.  I can't wait for Mother's Day.  Merry Christmas Elder!