Friday, December 30, 2011

your christmas cards

They look so lovely hanging on my wall.
Thank you!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

the day after christmas

It was a crazy Thacker family party.  Everyone was in town!  We exchanged gifts, had a huge dinner, and then got down to the game business-- minute to win it business.  Never knew my family was so competitive, especially my grandma.  When money is the prize, she makes it happen.  Maybe that's where some of us get it... Then we all had a huge sleepover, just like old times, but had a few more little bodies and a dog in the mix.  Made for an early morning.  The fam is still in town so we are prolonging this party as long as we can.  New Years is going to be crazy.  Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a high five

Do you know why wedding bands are worn on the left ring finger?
It's because it's the only finger that has a vein directly connected to the heart.

(I credit working at a jewelry store for two years knowing the answer to that question)

I am one lucky lady to wear a ring for the past 5 years 
to remind me of Jake's love and eternal promise we made to each other on our wedding day.
I'm glad it's close to my heart.
Happy Anniversary Jake. I'm so glad you're mine.

Five down, forever to go...

pic above of our wedding rings on our wedding day

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas, christmas, christmas!

1. Christmas jammies 2. She & Him background music
3. the best Christmas present ever
4. totally into unwrapping the presents
5. car keys  6. slobbery car keys

Christmas morning was a hit.
Even though it was at 6 am...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

our christmas card

Signing off for the holiday weekend...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

a letter

It's three days till Christmas and I can already tell you that this is becoming the best Christmas.  We got your stocking up, your ornament on the tree, and presents all wrapped.  We are having our own little Christmas morning which you probably won't even know what is going on, let alone remember when you're older, but we've been waiting to do this once we had kids and even though you're 9 months we are making this happen!

You've gotten so big and I think it's all the food you're eating: peas, bananas, apples, puffs, apples, sweet potatoes, grapes, crackers, applesauce, strawberries, bread, squash, pears, and you're starting to drink from a sippy cup.  You mostly get water all down the front of you, but practice makes perfect. When you see your dad and I eat, you make the sign for food, and we break, and give you whatever we are eating.  You are starting to sign yes, mom, and dad.   But it happens randomly so we aren't really sure yet... We think you can also say "mama" and "dada" but that also happens randomly...

Books have become a real fascination for you.  You like to help us turn the pages even if we aren't done reading the page.  You also like clapping your hands, clicking your tongue, blowing bubbles, and taking your fingers up to your lips and make all sorts of sounds.  Something else that you have started doing that makes no sense to me, is when you're crawling you like to grab a book or something flat, place it under one hand, and push it along as you crawl.  Is it laziness?  Mimicking a car?  No idea. But it's funny.  Wheels are a new interest so therefore you think everything can roll.  You push things back and forth to see how they move like the hamper, chairs, boxes, etc.  I think the Christmas present we got you will save our floors...

You really are starting to pick up on things like how we communicate, what to do to get food, and how things move.  In just under a year?  Craziness.  Lucky to watch it each day.  Love you,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Solitary Holiday

photo via me

Hello friends of Bryton's! I am Rachel from Blogging is for Lovers and I know Bryton from college. She's pretty swell, no?

My love for Christmas has waned over the last few years. I can't stand the songs and decorations until after Thanksgiving, and even then, it's barely tolerable. I never know when the Christmas cheer is going to hit, but it eventually does and we all have a magical season.

I got to wondering why I'm such a notorious Scrooge, I used to love all this stuff! And then it dawned on me - I associate Christmas with family. Don't get me wrong, I adore my fam, but I don't have my own to start traditions with. I haven't lived with my parents for many, many years and I always seem to live quite far from them. They're in Utah and I've been as far as San Diego and I'm currently in DC. Sigh. We have so many wonderful Christmas traditions that I miss terribly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I don't partake in those anymore because I don't see them until a few days before the big gift giving extravaganza.

I am definitely looking forward to the day when I can have Christmas cheer as early as Thanksgiving (maybe earlier!) because I get to watch how my children react. Is there any better holiday for kids? No. Definitely not. I live for the moment when my amazing nieces and nephews open their presents (and let's face it, as one of the single aunts I'm constantly competing for title of FAVORITE).

I'm going to be home on the 23rd and I'll hopefully be able to sneak in some of my favorites:
-my mom has a huge collection of Christmas stories and we would read one a night after reading scriptures as a family
-we would do 12 Days of Christmas for a family at church (my brother is a hurdler and is amazing at doorbell ditching and then running like lightning)
-German Oven Pancakes for breakfast!!!
-we watch White Christmas every Christmas Eve and sing along like fools (Bing Crosby - swoon)

Those are just a few, I'm sure I'll chastise myself later for the ones I have forgotten. What I'm really looking forward to is the day when I get to start traditions with my own little family and we get to make new magic every year.

See how the Christmas spirit hit me this year here, and stop on by Blogging is for Lovers any time

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

jake is one year older

Yesterday was Jake's birthday.  And we like it when a birthday lands on a weekend over here.  We make it last and last.  Friday we surprised Jake with a cake and balloons at work.  On the right is what it looked like before I put a lid on it and drove 20 mins.  On the left is the aftermath.  No one knew whose birthday it was. It was a mystery!  I asked Jake what he wanted to do to celebrate, and all he wanted was food, watch basketball, and watch TWO movies in one night.  We sure go all out for birthdays.  What rebels we are.

So we did.
Happy Birthday Jake!
We love you to pieces.
-Me and Myer

Friday, December 16, 2011

a little project on the side...

After hearing this message, I felt like I needed to do some family history work.  Sometimes I find myself browsing the internet, checking my email six times a day, and basically being a bump on a log while my baby sleeps, and I realized that I could be doing something greater with my time.  Low and behold, I get a phone call from my grandma.  She asked me if I would transcribe her mother's journal (my great grandma Pernie Mae.)  Immediately, I said yes.

I'm only 20 pages into her journal but oh my goodness this has been such a cool experience.  I never met my great grandmother because she died shortly after my mom got married, and I am getting to know an amazing woman.  There are some real sweet stories like how she would help with the ironing and have to use two hands with the big black iron, or how they attended a one room school house called The Buck School House,  or how she walked on foot when her family moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma, or when she would make soap from scratch it would burn her hands, etc. etc. etc.

My grandma told me she couldn't transcribe the journal because it was too hard.  I thought she meant reading the handwriting and typing on a computer.  Nope.  She said, "It's too hard because I cry."  I can see why.  Doing genealogy work I thought would be boring, but instead I look forward putting Myer down so I can get my time with Pernie Mae.  And I'm happy I'm no longer a bump on a log.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

oh what do you do for Christmastime?

Hi there! I am thrilled to be guest posting on Bryton's blog! Isn't she lovely? She asked me to talk a little bit about my traditions for Christmas. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and I love it more now than I did before. Here are a few of our fun holiday traditions:

-My husband and I have been married for 5 years, for 3 of those years we have dedicated our Christmas time to another family. That means that we take the money that we would spend on each others' gifts and use that to buy a gift card for a family in our area that is in need. This has been an incredible way for us to do service and help keep the spirit of the season in our home. It has been incredibly beneficial in our lives and needless to say Christmas is now my favorite time of year. 

-We do not handle "Santa" the same way that others do. I remember when I was young and I found out that Santa know...I am kind of embarrassed to admit that it broke my heart. I was so upset about the truth of the matter and it really impacted me. When Peter and I discussed how to handle this with our son Owen we decided that Santa is real, for all intents and purposes. We want Owen to know and remember that Santa Clause is the one that helps us to remember others during this season. He, along with the Savior (the Savior more so than Santa), help us to remember to do service, to love one another, and to focus on the Reason and not the commercialization of Christmas. Not only does Santa help serve as a reminder for Owen, but he also stuffs his little stocking with yummy treats. 

-We try every year to go to SLC and walk around Temple Square. The lights, the company and a quick stop for hot cocoa really make for a lovely outing. 

-Christmas Eve has always been spent at my parents home. We have a very chill dinner together and watch movies, chat, play games and have fun. Then we open presents! We do our sibling gift exchange and then relax and enjoy each others company. One of the big things in our world are Christmas movies. We love Elf, Charlie Brown Christmas, Just Friends, A Christmas Story and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. FUN, FUN, FUN!

-Every Christmas morning we wake up and check our stockings. This will, at some point, serve as a way for Mommy and Daddy to sleep in, while the kids see what Santa brought for them. Then when we wake up (which let's face it, we are more excited about Christmas morning than the kid right now) I make delicious Nutella Crepes and the present opening begins! We spend the day together watching movies, playing with new fun toys and remembering our Savior. 

-I love Christmas so much. I love remembering our Savior and celebrating His birth. I am grateful for this time of year and the time it gives me with my family, friends and other loved one. I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and love. 

Merry Christmas!


Ashely  (visit her blog called Our Party of Three)

picture found here

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

stocking stuffers

You know those lovely quarters, pennies, and nickles always lying around?  Well, we put those things to good use.  Throughout each year we load up a piggy bank with all our extra pocket coinage.  Then when December rolls around, we break open the bank, and use whatever amount of money is inside for our stocking stuffers.  Kinda makes you keep those pennies...  Then one night Jake and I both go to the store together and try to secretly buy each other's stuffers.  It's always a surprise Christmas morning.

This is my favorite Christmas tradition that Jake and I did on a whim.  (mostly because our first year of marriage we were dead broke and wanted presents in our stockings, and the only money we had anywhere was in that piggy bank.)  But it stuck.  And we do it every year.  Now Myer is in the mix which makes running around the store much more fun with a squealing baby.

As a new family we are still trying to figure out what our Christmas Traditions will be.  So to help me out, I've asked a few friends to post about their traditions.  If anyone of you would like to share your holiday traditions please feel free email at  The more ideas I get, the better off we'll be next year!

Monday, December 12, 2011

temple square

We've started into our family traditions this year, and one of our favorites is walking through Temple Square.
We layered up, bundled up, and took the evening to see the lights and feel the spirit of Christmas.
I love the feeling there.

I couldn't take enough pictures of the temple.

Nothing says Christmas to me more than spending my time with Jake and Myer, 
Christmas Lights, and walking Temple grounds.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

favorite picture from yesterday

I snapped this picture yesterday afternoon and had quite the giggle.
I let him play for a while and then once he crawled back to me, I got him dressed.

Well...later on as I was picking up, I found a nice little puddle where he had been playing...
So the picture took on a little more meaning.
Someone was busy...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

a friendly video

I know that this video has been floating around the blog world but I couldn't help post it again--that little blonde girl is just too cute.  And seeing children sign makes my heart smile. Hope your Wednesday gets you through to the weekend.  Bye friends.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

stockings without a mantle part ll

All hung with care on candle holders.
(just like last year)
Jake's, Myer's, and mine.
Oh dear Santa fill them well.

Monday, December 5, 2011

just last week...

...Myer can crawl up the stairs,
pull himself up on the coffee table and couch,
says FOOD in sign language,
and likes to hold the spoon himself at lunchtime.

This growing up business happens way to fast.

Friday, December 2, 2011


baby's first ornament,

baby's first Christmas tree...halfway decorated.

Happy first Christmas baby M.