Thursday, December 22, 2011

a letter

It's three days till Christmas and I can already tell you that this is becoming the best Christmas.  We got your stocking up, your ornament on the tree, and presents all wrapped.  We are having our own little Christmas morning which you probably won't even know what is going on, let alone remember when you're older, but we've been waiting to do this once we had kids and even though you're 9 months we are making this happen!

You've gotten so big and I think it's all the food you're eating: peas, bananas, apples, puffs, apples, sweet potatoes, grapes, crackers, applesauce, strawberries, bread, squash, pears, and you're starting to drink from a sippy cup.  You mostly get water all down the front of you, but practice makes perfect. When you see your dad and I eat, you make the sign for food, and we break, and give you whatever we are eating.  You are starting to sign yes, mom, and dad.   But it happens randomly so we aren't really sure yet... We think you can also say "mama" and "dada" but that also happens randomly...

Books have become a real fascination for you.  You like to help us turn the pages even if we aren't done reading the page.  You also like clapping your hands, clicking your tongue, blowing bubbles, and taking your fingers up to your lips and make all sorts of sounds.  Something else that you have started doing that makes no sense to me, is when you're crawling you like to grab a book or something flat, place it under one hand, and push it along as you crawl.  Is it laziness?  Mimicking a car?  No idea. But it's funny.  Wheels are a new interest so therefore you think everything can roll.  You push things back and forth to see how they move like the hamper, chairs, boxes, etc.  I think the Christmas present we got you will save our floors...

You really are starting to pick up on things like how we communicate, what to do to get food, and how things move.  In just under a year?  Craziness.  Lucky to watch it each day.  Love you,