Wednesday, December 14, 2011

stocking stuffers

You know those lovely quarters, pennies, and nickles always lying around?  Well, we put those things to good use.  Throughout each year we load up a piggy bank with all our extra pocket coinage.  Then when December rolls around, we break open the bank, and use whatever amount of money is inside for our stocking stuffers.  Kinda makes you keep those pennies...  Then one night Jake and I both go to the store together and try to secretly buy each other's stuffers.  It's always a surprise Christmas morning.

This is my favorite Christmas tradition that Jake and I did on a whim.  (mostly because our first year of marriage we were dead broke and wanted presents in our stockings, and the only money we had anywhere was in that piggy bank.)  But it stuck.  And we do it every year.  Now Myer is in the mix which makes running around the store much more fun with a squealing baby.

As a new family we are still trying to figure out what our Christmas Traditions will be.  So to help me out, I've asked a few friends to post about their traditions.  If anyone of you would like to share your holiday traditions please feel free email at  The more ideas I get, the better off we'll be next year!