Friday, December 16, 2011

a little project on the side...

After hearing this message, I felt like I needed to do some family history work.  Sometimes I find myself browsing the internet, checking my email six times a day, and basically being a bump on a log while my baby sleeps, and I realized that I could be doing something greater with my time.  Low and behold, I get a phone call from my grandma.  She asked me if I would transcribe her mother's journal (my great grandma Pernie Mae.)  Immediately, I said yes.

I'm only 20 pages into her journal but oh my goodness this has been such a cool experience.  I never met my great grandmother because she died shortly after my mom got married, and I am getting to know an amazing woman.  There are some real sweet stories like how she would help with the ironing and have to use two hands with the big black iron, or how they attended a one room school house called The Buck School House,  or how she walked on foot when her family moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma, or when she would make soap from scratch it would burn her hands, etc. etc. etc.

My grandma told me she couldn't transcribe the journal because it was too hard.  I thought she meant reading the handwriting and typing on a computer.  Nope.  She said, "It's too hard because I cry."  I can see why.  Doing genealogy work I thought would be boring, but instead I look forward putting Myer down so I can get my time with Pernie Mae.  And I'm happy I'm no longer a bump on a log.