Wednesday, October 15, 2014

a letter {to lennon}


You're officially 13 months (do we still count months?  Or can I just call you my 1 year old?)  In all seriousness, I'm glad I have these month to month letters.  I've been reading Myer's when he was a baby to remind me of milestones, so I look forward to reading yours.  Let's break out the list!

-You are still attached to my hip.  I can't be anywhere without you right there, hanging on my pant leg.  You've also figured out that I leave a few nights a week for work and mutual, so when Dad gets home you don't let go of me.  When I get ready in the morning, you're right there, in the bathroom pulling out everything out of cupboards and drawers.  Then back to my leg.  So I don't take longer than 10 minutes to get ready.  Forget showers!

-You love to play around on beds.  I can't really call it wrestling because you're too precious for that.  You just like to roll around and lay there.  And sigh.  You love Myer's bed the best, espcially when Myer piles on all the stuffed animals.

-Speaking of stuffed animals, those are your favorite toys.  You like to cuddle and hold them.  You also like to put small things in containers like Kleenex boxes, bottles, and buckets.  I can keep you entertained for a constant 10 minutes with an empty bucket and toys. That's when I get ready for the day.

-Your babble is high-pitched and always in the form of a question.  It's got a lot of "da-gulp, gulps" in it as well.  I think you only speak words you know if they are perfect.  So the words you say are "Hi", "Dadda", "Bye bye", "Momma", "Puppy?", and "Baby?".  And they are very clear.  We are still only signing a few words.  Need to work on that more.

-Still not walking which is just fine.  You can sit down and stand up all by yourself, but when it comes to taking a step by yourself, you just get back down to crawling.  I don't mind.  Let's not push that independent/mobility factor just yet.

It makes me smile every day just how YOU are.  You are completely your own personality, look, and manner.  I never thought I'd have a red head and a brunette as my own children, and as just as diverse as your hair colors are, so are your personalities.  You are cuddly, sweet, and happy but also determined, active, and social.  My sweet girl, I love you so much.  We have a special bond that I hope lasts us through it all.  I savor our cuddles and it secretly makes me so so so happy you want me over everyone else.  Don't stop.  Ever.

Love, Mom

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reception at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Over the weekend we attended a wedding and reception at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.  In between the events we were able to roam the Museum at no charge.  There was so much to see.  The plaques on the wall describing each work was interpreted for us by Myer.  They went a little like this, "Heavenly Father, please bless Cooper on a mission to the Philippines.  Please bless us to have fun at the reception.  And that we can be nice.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."  I liked his version, much more spiritual.  So it was an all around enriching night.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

it's that time of year again-- LDS Conference

We ate, we sat, we watched, and we came away feeling so uplifted.  Granted we couldn't listen as well as we liked with two little kids overrunning the family room, but we could definitely feel the spirit in our home.  That's what I look forward to the most--the feeling in our home when we hear prophets speak from God.  Their messages are always so relate-able, current, sincere, and full of truth.  Today I feel much more able in conquering motherhood, my spiritual well-being, the hectic world around me, finances, missionary work in our neighborhood, and being a daughter of God.  Conference is my spiritual reboot every 6 months.  I'm so grateful.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elder Thacker Update-- Out of the MTC!

Elder Thacker left the MTC and is now in his mission field.  Here is an expert from his letter:

"Things just got real.  We fit 11 into a 7 person car and drove to the AP's apartments.  Which I was told was nice, but wowzers, we opened the gates and saw concrete, bugs, lizards, and a messy apartment.  So I spent my first night without AC and became best friends with the fan!  All of my batch mates had the upstairs and I had my first bucket shower.  Refreshing.  It's a bit tricky."

"Then we set out to our zone on a Jeepnee and arrived in Cambling, then took a trike to the middle of nowhere and arrived in Pangdangan!  I looked around and saw our home.  I was in shock.  It was just a concrete house with 2 rooms and a bathroom.  Walking in with a smile on my face and set my bags down, planned, and went to work!'

"The last couple of days have been quite the adventure.  In describing where we live I'll just mention a few things for the sake of time.  Just imagine chickens, goats, cows, and dogs everywhere in extremely humble circumstances.  Everyone is happy and friendly though!  My tagalog is starting to improve but the process is painfully slow.  We had a lot of lessons to all sorts of people.  But...wait for it...we had a baptism this week! Brother Jerico (pictured above)  I was able to baptize him! And that was an incredible experience!"

I just love these weekly letters.  I can't imagine learning a language and moving to a country all within two months.  My brother is my new hero.  It's special to see him dressed in white next to a convert.  I hope for many more!  Love you Elder!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kick off to General Conference

Saturday night was the General Women's Conference.  We got tickets (Thanks Lorin!) and, in the rain, drove up to the Salt Lake to watch it in the Conference Center.  It was worth the drive and worth the wet.  It was extra special going with my mom and two sisters, and this was Jamie's first time at a session in the Conference Center.  We walked away from that meeting feeling like better women, mothers, sisters, and wives.  I felt like a loved daughter of God.  And it all kicks off this year's General Conference sessions that start this weekend.  Cause I need to hear more!  Looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Moving in the Right Direction"

This past Tuesday night we had our ward's Young Women Evening in Excellence.  The theme for the night was "Moving in the Right Direction".  Hence all the arrows, arrow heads, and compass symbols.  It was my very first Evening of Excellence so I wasn't sure how things went.  Luckily I have amazing counselors that stepped up and basically held my hand through it all.  And we have awesome young women that helped also.  The Beehives were in charge of the refreshments, the Mia Maids were in charge of the program/invites, and the Laurels were in charge of decorations.  Those Laurels made all of those arrows (!!!) I was so proud of them.  And lastly, my dear friend Anna let us borrow all of her Hopi blankets, feathers, and authentic arrows.  It all worked out and it looked beautiful.

Each young woman also set up projects from Personal Progress to show what they've been working on the past year.  The tables were full of beautiful pictures, flowers, sewing projects, scriptures, journals, and books.  Again, so proud of each of them.

At the end of the night, each young woman took home an arrow to remind them of this night, as well as to aim and keep focused in the right direction.  It was an awesome evening surrounded by my girls and their parents.  As overwhelming as this calling is, and as much work as it is, the reward is sweeter.  I love celebrating Women, especially my Young Women.