Wednesday, September 17, 2014

end of summer bash

 Over the weekend we were invited by Myer's cousins to their neighborhood End of Summer Bash.  It was complete with food, bouncy house, volleyball, live music, and a slip-n-slide.  Lennon and I just ate the food while Myer played (his first time) on the slip-n-slide.  His terrified face could have fooled me because he kept running up the mountain for more.  I loved seeing his bright red hair zip down the slide.
Oh and the snow cones.  Can't say goodbye to summer without a last snow cone.  So adieu summer and hello fall!

Monday, September 15, 2014

*one year*

My water broke at 1:00 AM and I did NOT want to go to the hospital.  I sat in the bathroom--arms folded and my legs tightly crossed.  First of all, my house wasn't clean because I was planning to deep clean the following day.  It said so right on my calendar "Clean House".  Secondly, and probably the real reason behind not wanting to leave a messy house, I was scared.  Myer's birth was hours of scare after scare after scare and just so much unknown, and I did not want to relive all of that.  So I wasn't budging.  She was just going to have to stay in there.

Jake spoke softly with soothing words while he was grabbing bags, getting dressed, and brushing his teeth.  I told him I won't leave until the house was somewhat clean.  So with a surprised/confused face he obediently emptied garbage cans, swept the floor, picked up clothes, and made the bed.  So with a semi clean house and me out of orders, Jake finally took my hand and said, 'You can't have our baby in our bathroom."  So I trusted those blue crystal eyes and let him help me to the car and then to the hospital.

Then just 8 hours later, with no complications, and just 3 little pushes, Lennon was here.  She was safe and I was safe.  She was a quiet but a strong little spirit that completed our family of 4.  Now she is busy busy with so much curiosity and determination that it surprises me to think we had such a quiet soft little baby just a year ago.  But I wouldn't change a thing.  Lenni Lou you are perfect.  Happy Birthday sweetest daughter of mine.  We love you!!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Wednesday night I couldn't sleep.  I was too excited for Myer to start Preschool the following morning.  Come to find out, I wasn't the only up and excited--Myer was awake and ready at 5 a.m.  So I snuggled him in bed for a few minutes and we talked about the upcoming school year--what he was excited to learn about, what friends he was going to make, his new red shirt that he gets to wear along with his red school bag, but he was most excited about the treats.  He was excited to see what snacks Miss Molly had at her school.  (He is his father's son.)  But after we talked he went back to sleep.  I, on the other hand, couldn't.  I was excited to finally drop him off at school, which is what he has been talking about all summer.  And honestly I couldn't wait either because finally there was something to challenge him.  He is just too smart for me.  And this social bug will love making new friends and having that social interaction with more than just Mom.  I know he is going to flourish and just eat it all up (not just the snacks). 

In the car ride over he kept telling me, "You don't come in with me Mom.  You just drop me off and then pick me up later, okay?"  But once we arrived and he saw other parents walking in, he did take my hand and let me take him into class.  Totally for  my sake. We got to do a fun art project together and he just kept hugging me--the tightest hugs.  I know those are special ones that are telling me, "I'm so excited Mom.  Thank you.  This is so fun!"  But eventually he did look at me like, "Are you going to leave yet?"  So I gave him one last squeeze and walked out.  That's when I started crying.  And it surprised me because wasn't I excited for him?  Not sad?  We talked about it for months how excited we BOTH were for him to start school.  But here I was running my mascara.

It's an end of an era.  He is big and older and ready for big things and older things.  He wants this.  He actually needs this stuff to challenge him.  And what gets me, is that he is EXCITED for it all.  I am no longer coaxing a baby to grow; it is his initiative.  Miss Molly asked me if he was going to be alright with the adjustment, and I told her that he is more than fine.  Now I think I'm the one that needs help with this adjustment.  When I got home, I laid Lennon down for a nap, and just sat in my quiet house.  It was the oddest feeling.  It only lasted for an hour but knowing Myer was somewhere else starting something new without me, was just weird.  I didn't think I'd be this sad weird mom having issues sending her child to preschool, but I totally am!  (And it's only 2 hours twice a week! Get a grip!)

But he came home so excited, chatting my ear off, and yes the snacks were the big hit.  He is not happy with the fact that we have to wait till next Tuesday to go back, however.  Which is just fine with me!  But I am glad that the big milestone of the First Day of School was positive and that he wants to go back.  Makes this weird emotional roller coaster easier.  Just a little.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Union Station

 Since we were already up in Ogden to see the new temple, we decided to make a day of it, and explore Union Station.  And, duh, Myer the train enthusiast may have swayed our decision.  We walked through old trains, played with controllers, and got an earful of who looked the most like Thomas, or Diesel, or Mavis.  Adorable. 
Geez what a great Labor Day!  I wish Jake could hang with us every Monday.  I'd make a trip all the way up to Ogden if that meant we could have him all to ourselves.  Already looking forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

 Yesterday for our day off (labor day) we headed up to Ogden for the Ogden Temple Open House.  I thought that Myer would be bored and not so enthused about it, but he couldn't wait to get inside.  He was jumping up and down and dancing with his cousins while we waited our turn in line. Just so excited to see the temple. To be honest, I think he was thinking he was getting married to cousin, Navy, while we were there....
^^^ See? Just a little cousin love. ^^^
The temple was beautiful.  I love the feeling when I walk inside.  And what made it even better was that I could share that feeling, not only with Jake, but with my young children.  Myer always asks when we can go inside the temple and I finally got to take him inside!  He, of course, just giggled the whole time (because of his large white booties on his feet) but also I know that is because he was feeling happy.  And Lennon just hung out in the Bjorn quietly sucking her thumb.  It was a peaceful morning full of good, happy, and calm feelings.

I know that once this temple is dedicated, the sacred unit of families are bonded there forever.  I know that because Jake and I were sealed and married in the temple, our family will be together forever.  As a mom, that is a great comfort to me because I can't control life, but I know if I stay true to the promises I've made in the temple, I will be with my family forever.  So each time I see a that beautiful white structure, I'm comforted and can breath a little bit easier.  And we were lucky to have another one of the structures in our home state. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

first letter

 We finally heard from Elder Thacker!! He made it safely to the Philippines MTC and survived his firt week there.  Here are few of my favorite snippets from his first letter:

"Let's just say that the 10 hour flight to Tokyo was a really long flight in a suit."
"I got a haircut right as I walked in and it's a bit of a struggle."
"There is so much information, I feel like I am back in American Studies or AP Lit, but now it's AP GOSPEL."
"There is always rice in every meal.  Tons of it.  But you can't go wrong with soy sauce."
"Oh, and mom, I have enough medical stuff in my luggage.  Still waiting to be the MTC paramedic."
"Mahal Ko Po kayo, sa lamat po kay mga pangalan! (I love you guys and thank you for your prayers!)

Ok I BAWLED reading this!! It's totally Cooper--witty, sarcastic, a picky eater, and just totally game for an adventure.  He is totally rolling with the punches.  He is totally a missionary now!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Castle Dell with Pops

I don't know if I've ever introduced you to Myer's grandpa, Jake's dad, but he has worked for the LDS church in their Lighting Design department for 27 years.  He is the guy that sets up all the lights for the pageants in Manti, Nauvoo, Hill Cummorah, and Castle Dale.  (He designed all the lights in the Conference Center and controls them each and every General Conference)  So Jake and Myer took a trip down to the Castle Dale pageant and hung out with the expert himself.  Myer eats all of this stuff up and loved being by Papa's side.  He felt pretty official riding around with Papa on the four wheeler checking on stuff.  He also hung around the pageant site, riding horses, made a prairie diamond, and ate pioneer bread. 

The next day they jeeped Little Grand Canyon.  And the most exciting thing, according to Myer, was finding a dinosaur footprint.  This kid.  Always on adventures and finding cool stuff.  It helps to have cool grandparents.