Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween at Mimi's

 Happy Halloween from your cheerleader, football player, and high school sweethearts!
 The cousins joined us trick-or-treating-- Elsa, Anna, and Luke Skywalker.
This Halloween, Lennon got it.  After the first few houses she knew exactly what to do.  Her older brother was off, running with his cousins, but she would hang back with me.  She held my hand the entire night, while the other hand held that ever increasing heavy bucket.  She talked my ear off-- "We are trick-o-treatin Mommy." "This house Mommy." 'I knock on the door Mommy." "I have my bucket Mommy." I thoroughly enjoyed the pace, her excitement, and her jibber jabbing.  I also loved watching Myer run door to door cause he was wearing his "running shoes."  I would totally do that night over again.  Halloween with kids rocked my socks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lennon's "lemon" 2nd Birthday

Lennon turns 2 today!!
We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, everything "lemon"-- lemonade, lemon cupcakes, and lemon (kind of) balloons.
She was the sweetest-- she hugged each gift and showed off her new party hat to each person.  Then she ever so gently, blew out her candles.  It just gets me right in the soft-feelies.  I love her gentleness but also playfulness.  She's a perfect balance of both.  Happy birthday sweet girl! We love love love you.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Milne's 60th Anniversary

 Can you believe it?!  My grandparents celebrated 60 years together on Saturday.  60 years!! He was working at Hill Air Force Base and she was a secretary for one of the Generals, when she caught his eye.  And the rest is history.  (I mean look at that wedding photo. Both are babes.) They have a beautiful life together and I'm so grateful to be part of it.  I love these two people.  And you can tell that they love each other.
 They set up a bouncy house just for the great-grandkids.  Seriously who does that?  My grandparents are awesome.
I truly love these two.  My grandparents have a big influence on my life and memories of my childhood is filled to the brim with them.  They are incredible examples of love, honesty, joy, health, and service.  I am lucky to have learned so much for them.  Love you both.  xoxo Bryton

Sunday, September 13, 2015

back to school

 First off, we had our "Back to School" Dinner the night before.  Myer picked In-N-Out which we were all excited about.
 But I think we were more excited about actually going to Preschool.  He's been counting down the days (I may have too...)
And we are so lucky to have cousin Navy in our class this year.  We are off to such a great start!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


 Things just happened waaaay tooooo fast.  We bought a lot in Spanish Fork! And we just moved into my parent's basement.  Life has been a moving train since July.  Let me explain...

I got home from Girls Camp and Jake told me he's been looking at houses again (he's always looking so I didn't really pay attention to it.)  Then a few days later he seriously looked at me and said, "I think we need to buy a house.  And I think we need to be seriously looking in Spanish Fork.  I find myself only looking there."  I didn't want to change paths yet-- I loved our neighborhood, my friends, the ward, my YW (especially my YW) and everything we had in American Fork.  I could see myself there for a few more years. Jake suggested I pray about it.  So I did.  And as clear as day I got this answer that we needed to be in Spanish Fork and soon.  I cried.  I didn't want to move down there.  And I wasn't ready to say goodbye to people yet.  So I went on Trek and I kinda tested my answer to see if we really should move and when.  Silly me.  Those 3 days were filled with reminders for the answer I already got.  By the end of it I was like, okay okay I'll go where You want me to go. 

We got a realtor and drove down to Spanish Fork the following week.  I also had a feeling what area we should look at, which was more of a newer area so we had to look at builders.  We met with two and we were not feeling it.  It was a rather disappointing.  Then we drove down the hill and on the side there was a sign from FlagShip homes advertising a new community so we pulled over.  Only the model home was built with a few spec houses.  We walked through them and fell in love with their standard features and style.  Totally me.  We stood on our soon-to-be lot and felt so good.  It felt like home.  And hi, the view kinda sealed the deal.  It was now all official.  They told us we would most likely move in at the end of October or early November.

A few days later, we sat crunching numbers and trying to figure out how we can afford "the extra costs" of building.  Jake said, "Something just needs to fall in our lap because we are doing all we can."  My mom called and offered their basement to us to help us save some money.  Truly an answer to prayers.  We hurried and called our Landlord and gave our 30 days notice and started things in motion.  But, that meant moving out 3 months sooner than we planned.  My time just got cut way short and I freaked out. Well and I cried actually.  I told my sweet Laurels the following day (Sunday) and Bishop.  I had this huge activity planned, the Book of Mormon Read-a-Thon, with the YM and YW so I thought, here is my final act of service for them and my goodbye.  I packed and cleaned, packed and cleaned, as quickly as I could.  Just 20 days later we were moved out with most of our stuff in storage, and the rest with us in the basement like nomads we are.  It all happened so fast!  And it broke my heart.  Each box that I packed, I cried.  Each Sunday I heard my YW stand and recite the Theme, I cried.  Each neighbor that reached out to help, I cried.  When I got released, I cried.  When I walked through our empty home one last time, I bawled. 
All the help we received on moving day was incredible.  A lot of people showed up.  My beautiful YW showed up with cleaning supplies to help me!  We were all done by 11:45 AM. Gosh, if you ever want to feel loved, I guess you need to move.

 I know we are supposed to be in Spanish Fork.  And I know it's right because it all happened so quickly, but it is still hard.  I don't know the reasons yet, but we'll just follow because I've learned in the past, when we let Heavenly Father take the lead, it always works out better than I could have figured out on my own.  And, hopefully soon I'll feel like I belong in Relief Society again!

Here's to a new adventure.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Thacker Family Reunion

 We went up to Midway for the weekend for my sibling's reunion.  We were all there except my sister Jessie and her husband Carson (and my brother on a mission).  Wish we could have all been there but next year for sure.  This was my first time up in that area and I fell in love with the cute little town.  We stayed at the Homestead which was perfect for each family.  Our hotel room connected with Jamie's and in the back were bunk beds for the kids.  They loved it.
 The next day we went to Deer Creek Reservoir and rented Jet Skis for the day.  And of course played on the beach while we waited turns.
  ^^^ Oakley turned 16 while we were up there.  Perfect way to celebrate! ^^^
 So much love all weekend.  Thanks Mimi and Papa for a fun packed weekend.  Let's make it a tradition!