Wednesday, August 28, 2013

date night

--drove in a car and actually listened to the radio instead of "Wheels on the Bus".
--ate a meal that I didn't have to share.  Or rush.
--watched "Shaping Sound" at the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater
--shared a box of redvines and junior mints
--only saw half of the show due to the rain
--returned a very late redbox
--talked about Myer the whole time

I love our date nights.  Even if they are rare and far in between.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anneli's Bridal Shower

I'm getting a new sister in law and I just love her so we threw the bride-to-be her first bridal shower last week.  They're just two months away from the big day and we're getting excited.  Her colors are mint, blush pink, and coral.  I tried to match but added in a little gold cause I mean, what bride doesn't want a little sparkle to her party?  We had mint utensil holders and banners, gold skewers for the donut holes, pink peonies and cupcakes, and clementines to serve as the table runner as well as party favors.  I love me a good party.  I hope Anni had as much fun as I did just planning it.  A lot of family and friends showed up so the two love birds are set.  We can't wait for the official day!  Congrats again Anni and Mitch!

Monday, August 26, 2013

too early to call it a success?

Well we are on week 3 of potty training.  Hence, why the blog has been quiet all last week.  I think it's a success?  The first two days were terr.i.ble. I about gave up on day 2.  (He held his potty for FOUR hours and wouldn't go!)  But as soon as it clicked we haven't had a potty accident since.  Now the lovely #2 situation is still in the works.  He knows he is not supposed to go in his underwear but he doesn't want to go in the potty.  So he holds it until he just can't anymore....and cries about having an accident.  People tell me that it will just take time?

I just hope all this sticks once little sister arrives.  People also tell me that he'll revert back to accidents when she comes.  Have a little faith people!  Cause I'm going to pray super hard he doesn't.  All that hard work better stick.

Regardless, I am so proud of him.  He caught on and let's us know he needs to potty, goes in the big potty at other houses, and loves his sticker chart.  Our next items to tackle are going #2 in the potty and overcoming our fear of public restrooms and that loud flush.  Here we go week number 3!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Myer

*looks the cutest in blue
*opens his own hymn book during church and sings along
*calls his dad's jeep "so cool"
*zurburts baby (my tummy)
*lifts his hands up each hill we drive down like a rollercoaster
*rides his own two-wheel balance bike
*my little copy-cat
*is in the middle of potty training this week which is why I wrote this list so I'd still love him by the end of the week. 

It's working.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

blessing baby Emerson

On a happier note, we celebrated Anna and Casey's newest arrival--Emerson.  They blessed her on Sunday and we were privileged enough to be a part of it.  It was interesting coming from a funeral on Saturday to a baby blessing Sunday.  But you know what?  Both had the same message: God loves all His children.  And, life should be celebrated.  Little Emmy was precious and small and perfect with life just beginning.  She has the greatest parents, I might add, to be there each day.  I love this life and moments like these past two days to remind us that life is fragile and more importantly, it's about family.  Families are forever.  And dear Anna and Casey you have a beautiful family.  Congratulations! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chance #3

Jake's cousin, Chance, sadly left us at age 14 last week.  Friday night was the viewing and Saturday was his funeral.  Although sad, there was a lot of celebration for his life.  He was a great baseball player for Herriman High School (#3), an animal lover, and a good friend.  All the stories shared about his life were happy and positive.  That's how we will forever remember him.  Chance, we will see you again.  We know that God welcomed you home and are in a better place.  Until we meet again...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Farm Country

Can I just say that I love these little outings with Myer?  And this one, at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country, tops my list.  We were only there for 2 hours, which is as long as this little one lasts at anything, but we had a ball.  Correction, I had a ball watching Myer.

Myer was excited to see each animal.  With a gasp (I'm so serious about this 'gasp') he would run up to the gate and yell "horsey!" "chicken!" "pig!".  His excitement for the animals was completely adorable.  He wasn't afraid to pet them, no matter how big.  And with his caring personality, he'd offer them food, which was whatever he could grab from the ground so like sawdust, grass, gravel, and rocks.  Exactly what those animals want.  He'd offer it them asking "you hungee?" and just wait for them to eat, which they wouldn't but he would say "good boy!" nonetheless.  Just too cute.

He rode the ponies and regardless of the bored-faced picture above, he LOVED it.  Giggled the whole time.  I had to walk beside him so I heard the squeals, laughs, and gasps and couldn't help but just smile at my happy loving boy.  He truly loves life and everything is a surprise.  I didn't know a farm could be so magical but apparently it is.  Thanks M for showing me that everything shines.  Love you so much and I love our little adventures together.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Highland Days Parade

It's that time of year again where celebrate Highland Days and Alpine days.  This year we met up with my parents who live in Highland and celebrated with them.  And, since we missed the American Fork parade, we thought the Highland one was a great substitute.  Nice and short.  My little brother, Cooper, was in it as a Lone Peak Student Body Officer so we had to cheer him on as well.  I'm sure we'll be hitting up Alpine's celebration next week, which may produce the same pictures, but I can't deny my little red head his second opportunity to eat salt water taffy as his breakfast.  He now knows what "parade" means...

Also, notice his hat?  Had to be like his dad and uncle Oakley.  Good thing that was already in the diaper bag.  Crisis averted.  We'll be more prepared for Alpine Days.