Thursday, August 8, 2013

Farm Country

Can I just say that I love these little outings with Myer?  And this one, at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country, tops my list.  We were only there for 2 hours, which is as long as this little one lasts at anything, but we had a ball.  Correction, I had a ball watching Myer.

Myer was excited to see each animal.  With a gasp (I'm so serious about this 'gasp') he would run up to the gate and yell "horsey!" "chicken!" "pig!".  His excitement for the animals was completely adorable.  He wasn't afraid to pet them, no matter how big.  And with his caring personality, he'd offer them food, which was whatever he could grab from the ground so like sawdust, grass, gravel, and rocks.  Exactly what those animals want.  He'd offer it them asking "you hungee?" and just wait for them to eat, which they wouldn't but he would say "good boy!" nonetheless.  Just too cute.

He rode the ponies and regardless of the bored-faced picture above, he LOVED it.  Giggled the whole time.  I had to walk beside him so I heard the squeals, laughs, and gasps and couldn't help but just smile at my happy loving boy.  He truly loves life and everything is a surprise.  I didn't know a farm could be so magical but apparently it is.  Thanks M for showing me that everything shines.  Love you so much and I love our little adventures together.