Wednesday, June 29, 2011

so far

These past 3 months have been life changing. Obviously.  But I didn't exactly know what I was in for.  Not saying I was clueless-- I did help raise my brothers and sisters, babysat loads of babies, and definitely did my reading.  When we took Myer home, I did everything I was used to; everything I've done with taking care of babies.  Everything that worked for them.  I learned fast that M isn't like everyone else.  I had to get to know my baby and what makes him a happy baby.  It was a great wake-up call, and I learned loads.  So here are my tips in these 3 measly months I've had with motherhood:

*Each baby is unique.  Don't compare when other babies are sleeping through the night, sitting up first, smiling, etc.  Each baby develops at their own pace.  I have to tell myself this still when I see facebook updates about babies sleeping 8 hour nights.  We get 5-6 and I'll take what I can get.
*Laugh.  One day, I kid you not, M spit up on me so I changed pants.  Then he spit up again so I changed shirts.  Then he pooped all over me. This happened all within 1 hour mind you, and all I could do was laugh. He felt better and that's all a mommy can ask for.
*Sleep.  Everyone gave me the advice, "When baby sleeps, you sleep."  And I did this the first few weeks.  Then I thought I could handle life without naps.  Oh so wrong.  When you are well rested, you are more patient and a better mom.  I am not a good nap-taker (never have been) but I force myself to lay down for at least one 30 minute nap every day.  Life is so much better when I do.
*Be Flexible.  I am a scheduled person and at first M was on a every 3 hour feeding schedule.  Loved it.  Then he jumped to every 2 hours.  I thought I could push him to keep his every 3 hours because that is what I was used to...wrong again.  I made him more upset and myself doing this.  I didn't realize he was going through a growth spurt and was hungry more often.  Oh.  So then I thought he would go back to every 3 hours...nope.  I finally gave up to keeping my schedule and just fed him whenever he woke up. Now, he wakes up happier and goes down for naps easier. Duh.

I'm sure I will learn more as time goes on, but I need to remember to keep in tune with Myer.  I know him best.  It's amazing how I can distinguish his "tired" to the "in pain" to the "scared" cries. Mom's Intuition is real.  Another great gift to help learning mom's like me on their way.

Monday, June 27, 2011

steezy in park city

 ok so maybe we just chilled in the hotel room,
on dad's stomach to be exact.

Thanks to Jake's surprise we had a great getaway Saturday and Sunday.
We shopped, ate, and slept.
So fun to vacation as a family.

Friday, June 24, 2011

i almost forgot about pola

because we take her where ever we go.
check out more polaroids here.

happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a letter

Another month went by! You are 3 months today! I remember buying clothes a week before you were born and thinking that we'll never get to 3 months. But here we are. Crazy dazy. You have grown lots since last month. Let's just make a list shall we?

You are holding your head up and can look side to side. Just last week you can sit all by yourself in the bumbo. No more boring ceiling. You also are grasping and letting go of things. Not toys yet, but mom's fingers and dad's nose to name a few. I think we have a gabber on our hands because the house if filled with your coo's and babbles. The video camera is always on stand-by cause we can't get enough of your sweet voice. Also, you are investigating your hands and have become a true blue thumb sucker. Which now I can't figure out if I should swaddle your arms in for nap or keep them out...trial and error.

Favorite songs of yours are "Popcorn Popping" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in sign language (my interpretation) and also "Wheels on the Bus" in English. Books are starting to be your fascination. Our little bed time "ritual" includes book like "The Bedtime Book", "10 kisses", and "The Belly Button Book". You sit quietly and listen and even try to touch them. My favorite time of day.

I am loving being a stay-at-home mom. We hang out all day together with frequent trips to the park, go shopping (i'm breaking you in. you're future wife will thank me.), and sometimes even nap together. Just me and my little buddy. Love you, all of you: the always moving, ever talking, big blue eyed boy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

sunday was father's day

and it was Jake's first celebration.
M and I made sure it was good one.
(we didn't spare any hugs and kisses)

A great dad deserves a great day.
love you Jake!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


well....we tried anyway.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

we spent all our time at the pool

St. George was hot.  Down there, they know it's summer time.
We took advantage and played in the pool.

Myer loved swimming.
He just cooed while kicking his little legs.
Jake and I fought over who's turn it was to hold him, he was just too cute.

 Maddix loved giving Myer kisses and touching his toes.
I hope they become best buds.

My brother in law Mike, Maddix, Jake, and sister Sierra.

In Mimi's arms.

taking a break.
Naps are best in a ducky towel.

And we can't forget this little one...
I died over this girl.
there isn't anything more precious.

Of course another picture of the two of them.
I love their faces.
I think we exhausted the babies...

Friday, June 10, 2011

we're going to go play

Last minute vaca to St. George planned this weekend to play with the fam.  Both of my sisters are driving up to hang out.  I can't wait.  It's going to be one big family.  And one big party.  Well, a party with two babies and a toddler anyway.  This is my first time going away with Mr. M so I'm bringing all sorts of meds, downloading lots of soothing baby music for the drive down, and I'm literally trying to pack his whole nursery into a suitcase.  First time mom: cue blaring red sign now.  But I'm looking so forward to this.  


Enjoy your beautiful weekend, and thanks for all the awesome comments from Wednesday's post.  Novels I tell you.  Till Monday....Tootles!!

above picture of Myer with Uncle Cooper.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Switched at Birth

Monday night I watched "Switched at Birth" a new tv show about two families who's daughters were accidentally given to wrong families.  They find each other years later and that's where the show takes off.  The one daughter, Daphnie is Deaf.  Already in the first episode, we see how different hearing and Deaf people are.  

There are some good things about the show like featuring Deaf actors, sign language use between the Deaf characters, and Daphnie's mom supporting Daphine's culture.  But I do have some issues...

* Daphnie is played by a hearing actress. This confuses me.  It's like painting a white person's skin to play a Black person.  It's not the same and it's obvious.  Why not just hire a Deaf actress to play a Deaf role?  
*Daphnie lip reads.  Only a very very small percentage of Deaf people can read lips.  It takes skill and is a huge struggle in every conversation. And it is incredible how she never misses a beat. 
*I wish they would only have Daphnie sign and caption what she is saying.  abc family has such an opportunity to show the world Deaf culture and that culture includes American Sign Language.

But I am no expert.  So I asked my best friend Anna Pauling who is Deaf to clarify some common misconceptions regarding Deaf people.  I mean, she lives this life every day. (Don't feel stupid if you thought some of these things.  I was on this same street before I went to school in Deaf Studies.  We all start somewhere!)   

Why should we call deaf people Deaf?  Wouldn't it be political correct to say Hearing Impaired?
Many people are not sure what to call the deaf...just call us what we want to be called, Deaf.  To me Hearing impaired means someone looks at me as if I am broken.  I am confident in who I am as a Deaf person and the word deaf represents me.  Hearing impaired does not. 

Does your cochlear impant "fix" you or "cure" your deafness?
My cochlear implant does not fix me.  I made the decision to get the cochlear implant when I was 13 years old.  To many doctors I am considered a failure because I got the implant at a older age.  Many people assume that the cochlear implant will fix a lot of things.  The cochlear can help in some ways but it's not guaranteed. I can not hear perfectly and I never will.  I don't hear everything but I can see everything and my language (ASL) offers that. 

Would you ever want to be hearing? 
Before I answer this I want you to understand that majority of the people can hear.  It is considered "normal" and many do not understand why deaf people do not want to hear if they have the opportunity (cochlear implant -please remember this does not make you hearing).  Many people get upset if parents do not find a way for their child to hear.  As a deaf person, I am grateful for my parents to allow me to be who I am and did not force such a device or pressure to become "hearing".  I do not want to become hearing. Yes there are many challenges but I cannot forget the good things, I have a culture.  

Do all Deaf people lip read? 
Can you lipread? it confuses me that many people expect me to lipread.  Many hearing people do not lipread and yet they expect me to.  English is not my first language, if you can't lipread in your own language why am I expected to. 

How would you like hearing people treat you in daily interactions? 
treat me like a person.  Many people freak out and get nervous...relax. I will help you out.  Hearing people think they are helping the deaf but really we are helping you :) Just open up and listen. 

How would you like the media to portray your culture?
tough one...there are many people out there that views the deaf as something broken/disabled and many of them are not aware that there is a culture.  We do have a language.  We need someone who is involved with the deaf culture.  This is so important because they know the deaf world, struggles, norms, challenges, etc.  Also we need someone who's first language is ASL.  

Thanks Anna for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences.  Again, this is something that is important to me.  I hope you get the right idea about Deaf people and gained a little bit more understanding of the people around us.  And, as you watch the show, I hope you understand like all media, that this is not a perfect representation of Deaf people and Deaf culture.  

Feel free to leave any questions in your comments and maybe I'll have another Deaf friend guest on the blog to answer them...

Monday, June 6, 2011

it's easy as...




folks, we have a thumb sucker on our hands.
and slobber all over the place.

Friday, June 3, 2011

melvin and myer

Myer's binky is attached to a giraffe.  (we thought it would be bigger thus helping keep the binky in...but it does no such thing.)  Regardless, Melvin, has become Myer's buddy.  We can't go anywhere without him.  This means less unpleasant car rides.  Myer actually fell asleep in the carseat and stayed asleep while grocery shopping Thursday.  And to boot it's just so precious to sneak a peak and see Myer holding his bud. I am loving Melvin.

Hope everyone has a good and warm weekend.  We are going to try swimming Saturday.  Or maybe just dress M in his swim trunks cause I can't wait to see his bulging belly, chubby legs, and cankles in a swim suit.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

an "in morse code" fit

I follow the lovely designsponge on twitter 
and yesterday Grace tweeted about her COATT necklace that is in morse code.  
Naturally I have to have one.  

This one says "Mom".  
To find more necklaces check out COATT's website here.  
Thanks designsponge!