Friday, June 3, 2011

melvin and myer

Myer's binky is attached to a giraffe.  (we thought it would be bigger thus helping keep the binky in...but it does no such thing.)  Regardless, Melvin, has become Myer's buddy.  We can't go anywhere without him.  This means less unpleasant car rides.  Myer actually fell asleep in the carseat and stayed asleep while grocery shopping Thursday.  And to boot it's just so precious to sneak a peak and see Myer holding his bud. I am loving Melvin.

Hope everyone has a good and warm weekend.  We are going to try swimming Saturday.  Or maybe just dress M in his swim trunks cause I can't wait to see his bulging belly, chubby legs, and cankles in a swim suit.

Happy Friday!