Monday, April 29, 2013

jake's new ride

Seeing how we both work now, Jake was in need of a car.  So what does he come home with?  Brace yourselves; a jeep.  Totally shocked by that right?  He also came home with a big grin.  We've partied in this jeep with the top down all weekend.  I feel like a Cali girl.  Not sure how Cali girls get into 8 inch lifted jeep while pregnant's pretty graceful.  My two boys love it though so I love it.  Summer is looking sunny.  And windy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're just full of GOOD NEWS over here!


Last Tuesday Jake got a job and accepted it!  We are THRILLED beyond words because it's all working out!  So here comes the other half of the news, I will not be returning to AF high school next year.  I will finally get to be a stay at home mommy that I so missed these past 9 months.  It was a hard decision but this is what's best for our family and ultimately what I want as a mom.  It was devastating telling my students, my department, and principal.  Lots of tears for sure.  I honestly saw myself there for years to come, but obviously for this time in my life, it's not right.

I don't think that this baby's due date in September is a coincidence; it was an answer to prayers of some sorts.  It was a complete surprise but I instantly knew, as soon as I saw those two positive lines what this meant for Jake.  He was going to get a job so I could stay home with my two kids whether that be this coming fall or later.  We found out in January we were pregnant, and I had to wait until last week to finally see it all come to fruition.  Talk about a test of faith.  

But I am also lucky that it didn't happen until last week because as we are now scrambling for a babysitter for Myer, I don't think I could have done it any sooner.  Myer will just have a babysitter, half days, for the next 6 weeks.  I can deal with that.  I think he can handle that. (P.S. thank you for all the offers and help and recommendations for a babysitter.  I think we found a great one!)

I am so lucky to know that I have a God in heaven that makes things happen at the right times even when we want things to happen according to our time.  I know that I am lucky to have husband whose patience as a stay at home dad never wore out, and lasted as much as we needed it.  It makes me cry knowing what Jake had to go through for a year just so I could be in a job where I needed to be for this year.  I met some amazing students that I knew I was supposed to meet.  I feel that is why Jake got let go in the first place--to put me at AF high and meet who I was meant to meet.  But those are just thought for now, I'm sure we'll have more understanding to why things happened the way they did later, but this is what I feel to be true.

Goodness, I can't believe all that is waiting for us this summer--new job, hopefully a new place, and a baby.  Breathing out a huge sigh of relief but also breathing all that back in cause here we go!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

we finished the trip at La Jolla Shores beach

What a perfect way to end our trip-- with our favorite beach, La Jolla Shores Beach.  Although we all left with a sneaky sunburn, we had a great day.  Again, I love how the water was calm and low enough for Myer to play in. It was warm, sunny, and a perfect way to end the week.

This vacation was perfect.  We wanted to get time in, where we could just be together before we have another little person join our family.  We didn't know what summer would bring, so we took advantage of Spring Break and had the best week.  Sea World, the beaches, the sun, the pier, and spending time all day with my boys was exactly what I wanted.  And needed.  It was hard to go back to the grind and not wake up to our own schedule and just hit up a beach for the day.  Summer is looking so good and little splash pad down the street... summer get here quick!

Monday, April 15, 2013

the pier

Last time we came to San Diego, we stopped at the pier.  This was M's favorite place with all the big ships and navy helicopters flying around, so we decided to make it a stop on this trip too.  We walked around the Pier shops, had a little lunch, and filled up on sweets from the candy shop.  Myer even found a mama duck and her babies.  

After walking around all the pretty boats, Jake and I decided that a yacht would be lovely to add to our retirement down here in California one day.  Yes, one day.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The cove

Each morning we had to wait for the fog to clear and warm skies to make their appearance, so we explored what was around us.  We took a walk to a cove famous for it's Sea Lions.  But whew it was smelly stinky.  The Sea Lions although stinky were fun to watch--catching their breakfast and fighting over whose fish was whose.  But, we didn't last long, shocker, so we took a drive and we found another beach, La Jolla Shores beach.  So we spent the rest of our time there.  The water was calm and low enough that Myer could play in there without falling over from the waves.  The next few days, that was our beach to play at.  Who doesn't love another beach?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

around La Jolla

We ate so good on this trip.  Yelp shout-out for sure.  We ate at Puesto, Burger Lounge, and Sammy's Pizza & Grill.  We inhaled dinner.  There is something about spending all day in the sun and beach that makes me so hungry.  Or is that just me at 15 weeks pregnant?  

We also weren't scared to get us some dessert, but for some reason those went too quickly before I could snap a picture.  La Jolla treated us to it's best.  Omm nomm nomm yum.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sea world

It was a "Finding Nemo" playground for any two year old.  Well, this nemo-loving two year old anyway.  We split up Sea World into 2 days so we could take our time with all the animals.  The crowds were great in the mornings, and then when it got too crowded, we headed back to take naps.  It was low stress and nice to take our time.  However, we didn't have the patience to sit through the we may have walked out on poor Shamu and other famous mammals, but this kid apparently had an agenda.

Our favorite exhibit that we kept coming back to was the turtles.  There were probably 8 or so giant turtles and 10 baby turtles.  They were so playful with each other--swimming on each other's backs and such.  So that was one to see on both days.  Other than that we said hello to polar bears, beluga whales, penguins, sharks, sea lions, penguins, dolphins, and the flamingos.  My favorite was Shamu.  Always.  Myer didn't get what the big deal was since Shamu isn't on Nemo, but he'll get it some day.  

Next up, some yummy food stops!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Windansea Beach

Right below our hotel, and little walk around darling beach houses, is this little beach called Windansea Beach.  It was only a small strip of beach as cliffs bookend the sides so we felt like we had our own private beach.  It was beautiful.  We walked down to this beach as often as we could.  The wind, the smell, and sand was relaxing and just a vacation.  We were spoiled to have such a pretty beach so close.  We took advantage!  Heck yes.