Tuesday, April 16, 2013

we finished the trip at La Jolla Shores beach

What a perfect way to end our trip-- with our favorite beach, La Jolla Shores Beach.  Although we all left with a sneaky sunburn, we had a great day.  Again, I love how the water was calm and low enough for Myer to play in. It was warm, sunny, and a perfect way to end the week.

This vacation was perfect.  We wanted to get time in, where we could just be together before we have another little person join our family.  We didn't know what summer would bring, so we took advantage of Spring Break and had the best week.  Sea World, the beaches, the sun, the pier, and spending time all day with my boys was exactly what I wanted.  And needed.  It was hard to go back to the grind and not wake up to our own schedule and just hit up a beach for the day.  Summer is looking so good and little splash pad down the street... summer get here quick!