Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're just full of GOOD NEWS over here!


Last Tuesday Jake got a job and accepted it!  We are THRILLED beyond words because it's all working out!  So here comes the other half of the news, I will not be returning to AF high school next year.  I will finally get to be a stay at home mommy that I so missed these past 9 months.  It was a hard decision but this is what's best for our family and ultimately what I want as a mom.  It was devastating telling my students, my department, and principal.  Lots of tears for sure.  I honestly saw myself there for years to come, but obviously for this time in my life, it's not right.

I don't think that this baby's due date in September is a coincidence; it was an answer to prayers of some sorts.  It was a complete surprise but I instantly knew, as soon as I saw those two positive lines what this meant for Jake.  He was going to get a job so I could stay home with my two kids whether that be this coming fall or later.  We found out in January we were pregnant, and I had to wait until last week to finally see it all come to fruition.  Talk about a test of faith.  

But I am also lucky that it didn't happen until last week because as we are now scrambling for a babysitter for Myer, I don't think I could have done it any sooner.  Myer will just have a babysitter, half days, for the next 6 weeks.  I can deal with that.  I think he can handle that. (P.S. thank you for all the offers and help and recommendations for a babysitter.  I think we found a great one!)

I am so lucky to know that I have a God in heaven that makes things happen at the right times even when we want things to happen according to our time.  I know that I am lucky to have husband whose patience as a stay at home dad never wore out, and lasted as much as we needed it.  It makes me cry knowing what Jake had to go through for a year just so I could be in a job where I needed to be for this year.  I met some amazing students that I knew I was supposed to meet.  I feel that is why Jake got let go in the first place--to put me at AF high and meet who I was meant to meet.  But those are just thought for now, I'm sure we'll have more understanding to why things happened the way they did later, but this is what I feel to be true.

Goodness, I can't believe all that is waiting for us this summer--new job, hopefully a new place, and a baby.  Breathing out a huge sigh of relief but also breathing all that back in cause here we go!