Tuesday, January 31, 2012

gold and studded

As I mentioned in my last post I made myself a gold studded collar
My thumbs are bruised but I love the end result!
Who wants to pay for one when they could just make it?
I love it.

Check out Alison's blog The Alison Show and see what other projects
you want to take on for yourself.
I love Alison and her do-able crafts.
Seriously you'll fall in love.

Thanks Alison for the fun craft!

Monday, January 30, 2012

hello monday

Our weekend was good to us.  

*Five Guys and french fries for dinner
*Jake babysat so I could chat it up with some dear friends
*Stayed out way too late
*a 2 hour nap
*took a walk around in the cold but sunny weather
*ate some Chinese food and fortune cookies 
*made my own studded gold collar (more on that later)
*watched Cowboys and Aliens on netflix
*and grabbed our favorite dessert from The Sweet Tooth Fairy

I think I am ready to start this week.
Certainly with a full belly.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

walk this way

music by Mother Mother "Bright Idea"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ASL wins again

Oh man.  If I could show this video to every person in the world I would.  These two boys were adopted by an American family from China.  Travis on the left is 3 years old and Deaf, and Tian on the right is 2 years old with partial hearing.  When they came home they had zero language skills.  6 months later both boys can communicate beyond just expressing basic needs, and "have more words than [the parents] can count".  This video shows how beneficial and just right sign language is for Deaf children.  It's accessible--they have eyes to see it and hands to use it.  In this clip they're not just using bare basic sign, they are relating to the book, correcting each other's sign, and making real world connections.  To be able to do all that they must know the language on a deeper level.  (in just 6 months??)  Perfect proof that sign is the best choice for Deaf children and another point, look how smart they are!  I don't know any other 3 year old helping a sibling "say" frog correctly.  To read more about their story check our the family's blog called "Signs of Life: The Brownie Chronicles".  I just became a recent follower and supporter.  Oh, and don't forget to watch the clip!

Monday, January 23, 2012

a letter

We've hit double digits-- 10 months. Wha what?? (only 2 more months you'll be 1. yikes!)  Let's list off all that month 10 has brought us:

You love cars.  You make car sounds when you push them around on the floor.  In fact, you make car sounds if anything can slide around on the floor (one being my belt...)  Your dad showed you how cars can drive everywhere, for example your body. so you like to drive cars up to the top of your head down to your bum.  And then you test it out on me.  I think you are more drawn to trucks and construction tractors as your favorite books are "Trucks" and "Things That Move".  But, just a hunch.

We got you a push walker and you love it!  Our poor little laundry basket was getting pushed everywhere.  And that is what we do all day-- walk around, climb furniture, cruise around the coffee table and couch, climb the stairs, and try to touch every electrical thing in the house.  What is with that electrical obsession anyway?  You find every socket and just have to touch it.  Or you want remotes, wires, phones, and the laptop.  I am constantly doing the "move all electronics" dance.  It's exhausting, but I keep telling myself that it burns calories.

Technology may be your thing, but your most favorite thing of all is playing chase with your dad.  And it starts right when you wake up till he leaves for work, then starts right back up again when he comes home till you go to bed.  You have a certain squeal to signal you're ready and then you're both off wrestling, laughing, tickling, and escaping.  It makes your dad smile, and pretty excited to see his boy after work.  Who wouldn't?

You are such a social baby-- at church you will search for anyone looking at you and then expect to be entertained.  This means laughing to get people to look up, or banging on the chair to get their attention.  We've learned to sit in the back.

The number of teeth has increased to a total of 6: 4 on top and 2 on bottom.  You no longer look like a vampire.  Even though it was pretty hilarious every time you smiled.  And all this teeth is helping you chew new food like meat! Oh your dad is pretty proud about that.  We've tried lots of fun things like rice, noodles, and even pizza crust.

My most favorite thing is how red your hair is getting.  (Your Great Grandma Milne finally got a red-headed grand child!) I don't know how long it will last but I hope it stays a while.  It totally fits you.  And you've got beautiful big blue eyes with long blonde eye lashes.  Oh excuse me, handsome.  Silly me, you're growing up now and I shouldn't be using baby talk like "cute" and "beautiful".  You are getting to be such a boy and I certainly didn't teach you any of that.  It's all you.  Love you handsome,


Friday, January 20, 2012

challenge accepted

Have you heard about the January a Day Photo Challenge?
Well it's the cool thing to do in January when there isn't any snow to play in.
I joined in the fun on instagram and here are my days 1-15:

1. Me  2. Breakfast  3. Something I adore
4.  Letterbox  5. Something I wore  6. What makes me smile (how Jake ends his texts)
7.  Favorite (M's favorite toy)  8. My sky  9. Routine (snuggles. always.)
10. Childhood  11. Where I sleep 12. Close up (iphone case) 
13.  In my bag (the interpreting bag)  14. Currently Reading  15. My happiness

Can't wait to finish out the rest of the month.
Today is someone you love.
Now who could that be?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my mama said

Thinking we'd be in the unemployment situation for a while, we sold Jake's jeep.  That leaves us to one car which goes with Jake to work everyday.  That leaves me stuck inside a two bedroom little cottage with a 9 month old in the middle of winter...we get bored.  Don't get me wrong, we do plenty in a day like playing cars, rolling the soccer ball back and forth, crawl around with Daisy, fill the sink up with water, read books, bang on pans, eat, sing songs, etc. etc. but that gets old by the middle of the week.  Luckily, my parents live close so they come to get us for a little change of scenery.  Yesterday, as I was hanging out at my mom's, we found her old sketch pad.  She is an artist, and growing up, most of all the artwork in our house was from my mom's hand.  (Don't ask me how that wasn't passed down to me).  Super talented that woman.  And I found one of those talents from her high school notebook.  And she has a little sense of humor too...

I had to take a picture because Myer is the fish on the left, and I'm the fish on the right.  Oh dear Mama, you said it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

reception crashers

Saturday night we went to a reception for one of my dear friends from high school.  And we've stayed friends since then. (Honestly, I was hoping she would become a sister-in-law one day...such a schemer!)  Anyway, we chatted with good friends and ate yummy food.  My personal favorite was the hot chocolate bar.  Divine.

And I also had two stellar dates: Jake and M.  Can't complain when I have two handsome boys by my side.  Not to mention that Myer is looking more like Jake everyday.  Double the fun!

p.s. thanks for all your phone calls, texts, and comments about Jake's new job!  We are so excited for another adventure!

Monday, January 16, 2012

good news!

Jake accepted a job Friday!
Woot woot!

He starts today,
and can I just say, that I'm happy to see my Jake back.
He has a little twinkle in his eye.
Can't wait to greet him at the door tonight from his "day at work".

pic taken from celebrating Friday night with frozen yogurt.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

like father like son

One of Jake's nightly routines no matter how full he is, no matter when he last ate, no matter what time it is, he will open the fridge.  Just to look at it.   Maybe something will pop out at him?  The man is a bottomless pit. I caught someone doing the very same thing...

I opened the fridge for a second, turned my back, and Myer was already standing in front of the fridge--just looking at it.  Monkey see, monkey do.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

clippin coupons

I have my binder.  I have my section dividers.  And I have my baseball card sheets.  I'm ready to start clipping.  But...I am intimidated to actually take these little papers to the store and put them to use.  Talk about needing a college degree in Couponing because the lingo is just going over my head.  Along with the different rules and policies of each store, I feel like I've entered a different world and I'm clueless.  But it's going to help us get through these next few months so I'm gonna do it.  And as I go along, I think I will document it--find out what works for me, what secrets I find, and if I score a deal you know I'm going to post that. Everyone needs little moments of victories.  So here goes nothing!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


1.  Netflix date with Jake  2.  bedtime stories
3.  working hard or hardly working  4. bed head
(apparently we like hanging out in our star jammies...)

 5. and we met Grandma's new dog--Toby
We are surrounded by dogs in this family and Myer is getting the spoiled treatment.
He has friends everywhere he goes now.
This makes me want to get a dog...

Friday, January 6, 2012

january is the new april

It was 42 degrees yesterday,
January 5th.

So we hit up the park like it was April-- swung on the swings 
and watched the other kids play.

If the weather still thinks it's spring tomorrow, 
then we'll be back dear neighborhood park.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cousin play time

Naturally over the holiday break Myer got some real time with his cousins and Aunt Jessie's new dog, Remmie.  Maddix is starting to figure out the whole extended family thing so he started calling Myer, "my Myer".  And always giving him hugs, telling him "hi", and sharing his toys.  He also calls his little sister Navy "my brother" so we aren't quite there yet.  But at least he knows Myer is a part of his family.  He cracks me up.  The cousins had bath time, food time, play time, and even church time together.  We wish these cute cousins lived closer but it makes holidays and reunions that much sweeter.  I think they'll be best little buds.  

We are so looking forward to April. (a combined little first year birthday party for Myer and Navy might be in the mix.  We just gotta convince my sister to make that 10 hour drive again...)  No big deal right?  Love you cousins!

Monday, January 2, 2012

here's looking at 2012

Let's get real for a moment, k?  This blog documents my little family's life like a journal slash scrapbook, and with that comes exposing our life.  And like some of us know, life isn't perfect right?  Life has it's good and bad moments right?  And this past year has been so good.  Almost too good to be true-- I was working my dream jobs, we had a baby, and Jake graduated.  I blogged all of that.  But life happens, and just these past two weeks life happened hard.  And now I'm blogging it.  And I hope you don't mind.

A week before Christmas Jake was let go from his job.  Now I do not blame a soul for this.  I blame the awful economy who force people to make cut backs.  I mean who hasn't felt the side effects?  So Christmas was a little different this year as well as celebrating the New Year.  We so badly wanted to end 2011 on the high we were on.  We tried hard to forget about the pressures money can push on you, and just enjoy our time as a family.  Myer really helped us remember what the season was all about.  I love feeling his little spirit.

So with 2012 starting today, goals and priorities have taken on a new taste.  Obviously Jake would like a job, and I would like to make cutbacks, save money, and be a cheerleader for Jake.  But mostly, I want to get through this as a family and as a couple.  We are getting back to the basics and putting our complete trust in God and his plans.  Kinda humbling.

This blog I hope stays positive but also honest.  (and maybe a little vent from time to time) but mostly positive!  So I'm taking a deep breath, stepping forward, and looking 2012 square in the face.  Here we go...

photo credit