Monday, January 23, 2012

a letter

We've hit double digits-- 10 months. Wha what?? (only 2 more months you'll be 1. yikes!)  Let's list off all that month 10 has brought us:

You love cars.  You make car sounds when you push them around on the floor.  In fact, you make car sounds if anything can slide around on the floor (one being my belt...)  Your dad showed you how cars can drive everywhere, for example your body. so you like to drive cars up to the top of your head down to your bum.  And then you test it out on me.  I think you are more drawn to trucks and construction tractors as your favorite books are "Trucks" and "Things That Move".  But, just a hunch.

We got you a push walker and you love it!  Our poor little laundry basket was getting pushed everywhere.  And that is what we do all day-- walk around, climb furniture, cruise around the coffee table and couch, climb the stairs, and try to touch every electrical thing in the house.  What is with that electrical obsession anyway?  You find every socket and just have to touch it.  Or you want remotes, wires, phones, and the laptop.  I am constantly doing the "move all electronics" dance.  It's exhausting, but I keep telling myself that it burns calories.

Technology may be your thing, but your most favorite thing of all is playing chase with your dad.  And it starts right when you wake up till he leaves for work, then starts right back up again when he comes home till you go to bed.  You have a certain squeal to signal you're ready and then you're both off wrestling, laughing, tickling, and escaping.  It makes your dad smile, and pretty excited to see his boy after work.  Who wouldn't?

You are such a social baby-- at church you will search for anyone looking at you and then expect to be entertained.  This means laughing to get people to look up, or banging on the chair to get their attention.  We've learned to sit in the back.

The number of teeth has increased to a total of 6: 4 on top and 2 on bottom.  You no longer look like a vampire.  Even though it was pretty hilarious every time you smiled.  And all this teeth is helping you chew new food like meat! Oh your dad is pretty proud about that.  We've tried lots of fun things like rice, noodles, and even pizza crust.

My most favorite thing is how red your hair is getting.  (Your Great Grandma Milne finally got a red-headed grand child!) I don't know how long it will last but I hope it stays a while.  It totally fits you.  And you've got beautiful big blue eyes with long blonde eye lashes.  Oh excuse me, handsome.  Silly me, you're growing up now and I shouldn't be using baby talk like "cute" and "beautiful".  You are getting to be such a boy and I certainly didn't teach you any of that.  It's all you.  Love you handsome,