Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cousin play time

Naturally over the holiday break Myer got some real time with his cousins and Aunt Jessie's new dog, Remmie.  Maddix is starting to figure out the whole extended family thing so he started calling Myer, "my Myer".  And always giving him hugs, telling him "hi", and sharing his toys.  He also calls his little sister Navy "my brother" so we aren't quite there yet.  But at least he knows Myer is a part of his family.  He cracks me up.  The cousins had bath time, food time, play time, and even church time together.  We wish these cute cousins lived closer but it makes holidays and reunions that much sweeter.  I think they'll be best little buds.  

We are so looking forward to April. (a combined little first year birthday party for Myer and Navy might be in the mix.  We just gotta convince my sister to make that 10 hour drive again...)  No big deal right?  Love you cousins!