Friday, January 20, 2012

challenge accepted

Have you heard about the January a Day Photo Challenge?
Well it's the cool thing to do in January when there isn't any snow to play in.
I joined in the fun on instagram and here are my days 1-15:

1. Me  2. Breakfast  3. Something I adore
4.  Letterbox  5. Something I wore  6. What makes me smile (how Jake ends his texts)
7.  Favorite (M's favorite toy)  8. My sky  9. Routine (snuggles. always.)
10. Childhood  11. Where I sleep 12. Close up (iphone case) 
13.  In my bag (the interpreting bag)  14. Currently Reading  15. My happiness

Can't wait to finish out the rest of the month.
Today is someone you love.
Now who could that be?