Monday, January 2, 2012

here's looking at 2012

Let's get real for a moment, k?  This blog documents my little family's life like a journal slash scrapbook, and with that comes exposing our life.  And like some of us know, life isn't perfect right?  Life has it's good and bad moments right?  And this past year has been so good.  Almost too good to be true-- I was working my dream jobs, we had a baby, and Jake graduated.  I blogged all of that.  But life happens, and just these past two weeks life happened hard.  And now I'm blogging it.  And I hope you don't mind.

A week before Christmas Jake was let go from his job.  Now I do not blame a soul for this.  I blame the awful economy who force people to make cut backs.  I mean who hasn't felt the side effects?  So Christmas was a little different this year as well as celebrating the New Year.  We so badly wanted to end 2011 on the high we were on.  We tried hard to forget about the pressures money can push on you, and just enjoy our time as a family.  Myer really helped us remember what the season was all about.  I love feeling his little spirit.

So with 2012 starting today, goals and priorities have taken on a new taste.  Obviously Jake would like a job, and I would like to make cutbacks, save money, and be a cheerleader for Jake.  But mostly, I want to get through this as a family and as a couple.  We are getting back to the basics and putting our complete trust in God and his plans.  Kinda humbling.

This blog I hope stays positive but also honest.  (and maybe a little vent from time to time) but mostly positive!  So I'm taking a deep breath, stepping forward, and looking 2012 square in the face.  Here we go...

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