Friday, May 31, 2013

a letter


I'm a few days late writing you this letter as you were 26 months last Wednesday, but I had to get this letter in because of all the gosh darn cute things you are doing lately.  I'm putting it down in a list again because that sure is easy and we like easy right now:

-You've been going to the babysitters for a month and a half now and I am so proud of how you've handled it.  I think your social personality is a blessing for this very time in our lives.  You did have a hard time at first, but you went to the babysitters anyway.  You are so brave.  Dad has to reassure you that I will be there to pick you up, and when I walk through the door, you say "Yep Mama pick me up!".  The babysitter, Mariane, just loves you.  And I know why.  It's not hard to love you and your sweet, caring, fun personality.  When we leave you say, "Goodbye Babysitter, Good day!"  So sweet.

-You sing along in the car to Lion King, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Jungle Book.  Your memory is amazing.  My favorite thing is when we sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" together before bedtime.  Your sweet little voice melts me.

-Speaking of memory, I'll say a word once and you'll pick it up and use it right off the bat.  Or you'll remember a promise we made to you the day before.  Or you'll remember something scary in a movie and leave the room when it's close.  Or you remember people we've met and their names.  Or you remember what toy they were playing with, what car they showed up in, and what way they went.  I can't fool you.

-When you go down for bed we have to list off the fun things we did that day.  You do it in a sort of sing-song way and after your list is done, you exclaim, "Good day!"  My days are now remembered as fun because of your sweet little reminder at night.

-When you kiss my cheeks you grab my face with both hands and force me to turn my cheek to you.  Then you really do kiss it, kissing noises and all, and force my face the other to kiss my other cheek.  Such love!

-Your walk is not a walk--it's like a side step, skip, backwards, waltz.  And it takes forever to get anywhere.

-Funny things you are saying:  
"Allllright" when moving on from activity to activity
"Few mo minutes, time a nap" with your hands up trying to mimic what I've been doing to get you mentally ready for nap time.
"Give me hug Mama" which is all the time.  And your hugs are so intense and sincere.  You truly needs hugs like 6 times a day.
"Snack-a-milk?" which means you want your milk and fishy crackers next to you when you play.  I think you ask me that all day even during mealtimes.  Hungry boy!
"Follow me Mama!" when you want me out of bed or out of the kitchen to play with you
"Look at you!" when you do something new or brave
"giberish I be riiiight back." and then you'll leave, but come back seconds later, "Oh there he is!"

I'm reading all kinds of childhood/parenting books right now because I can't give you too much structure.  Everything has to be fun, full of love, and exciting.  To be honest, this exhausts me by the end of each day making every diaper change, or nap time, or going inside "fun".  We do a lot of races.  And we sing a lot of songs.  But guess what? It's working.  I am glad that I am getting to know you, your personality, your motivations, your outlook on life, and what life means for you.  I know you're only 2 but it starts so young!  I want to parent the best I can which means letting you be you.  And I just love you; my crazy, active, joyful, exhuberant, happy little boy.  You're going to be the best older brother.

Loves loves loves,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

over half way there...

and craving anything lemon.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

thomas the train

On Saturday, we spent the morning hanging out with Thomas the Train.  Considering how Myer reacts to diggers or tractors up close and personal, I thought we would take this approach easy.  I'm not sure if it's too much to take in, or if the excitement scares him, but I didn't want to ruin Myer's experience with his favorite train.  But as soon as we pulled up, he yelled "Get out okay? Okay!" Then he hopped, skipped, and jumped all the way to the tracks.  He knew who was there.  And I'm so glad he wasn't afraid.

On the train was even better--he sat the whole time, which is so unlike him.  Each time the train whistle blew he let out a little giggle/squeal, didn't look away from the window, and clutched his Thomas the Train toy so tightly.  I felt like an awesome parent.  Such a score.  All 3 of us had so much fun.  All thanks to a little blue engine and a little red head who makes everyday magical.  Little boys are so fun.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6 days left of school

repeat, repeat, repeat.

See you next week summer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

pizzeria limone

My city savvy sister, Jessie, took us to a new pizza place in Cottonwood Heights called Pizzeria Limone.  Try black berries on your pizza.  Or pears.  Yes, delicious.  We gobbled up that pizza, not so quietly though cause it was amazing.  Yum yum yum.  The only downfall, that it's in Salt Lake.  It needs to be closer.  Or we're just going to have to drive up there, like every weekend.  Yep, count on it.  This pregnant mama likes it!

Monday, May 13, 2013

a mother; always

After sleeping in, getting breakfast in bed, and then of course a little red head asking to "follow me, mama", I had a simple start to a great Mother's Day.  Life has been so crazy, working, picking up Myer from a babysitter every day, fitting in errands without Jake's help, and being pregnant, I wanted a simple day.  Just some extra rest and time together.  I only have 3 more weeks left of this crazy schedule that I lead, and man, this just reaffirms to me that I want to be home next fall.  More than anything.  Especially with a new little girl joining our family, I want to be the one with my kids.  As much as my high school kids pull on the other half of my heart, this is my place in life---a mom.  Some days I'm not great at it, and I may not get the recognition from principals, department colleagues, and students, but my family is the most important thing and what I'll treasure forever.  I will be a mother; always.

Friday, May 10, 2013

gender reveal

PINK is for our new little lady!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

mitchell popped the question

Jake's brother, Mitchell, is tying the knot this coming fall!  We just absolutely love Anneli and she makes the perfect match for Mitch.  She is one amazing chica.  Myer already named a toy jeep after her so not sure how much more official we can get.  Welcome to the family Anni! Here's looking at the fall!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

work related rambles

This is coming from a teacher and an interpreter.  My line of work can be...silent so I have a lot of thoughts that run through my head.  Want to hear a few?

-I never thought I could get bored at an interpreting assignment with my mind always working and my hands always moving.  Well I found that one thing that I just can't  do and keep professional.  I CAN'T DO BORING.  Give me scary, give me sad, but don't give me boring if you want me to laugh out loud.

-Last pregnancy, I was a teacher.  This pregnancy, I'm a teacher.  I don't know what it's like to "take it easy" when pregnant.  Next time, I don't want to be waking up at 6 AM and running to the faculty bathroom.  Please?

-I'm used to my students coming in announcing they got their driver's license or a first date, but now I'm getting my senior boys announcing THEIR MISSION CALLS.  Crazy.

-My students have a running list of current pregnancy cravings.  Some of them show up with bags of food for me.

-I can't bring religious books with me to interpreting assignments.  Unless I want tears running down my face.

-The counselors told me that 1/3 of the incoming sophomore class requested ASL 1 for next year.  These kind of numbers excite me and gives me hope for our program whoever teaches next year.  I like to think I had some part in the process.

-Febreeze and perfumed wrists are pregnancy-nose lifesavers in a high school classroom.

-Apparently, at an assembly last Friday, some students sang "When I'm gone" to teachers who aren't returning next year.  I'm glad my hormonal self somehow missed that.