Tuesday, May 28, 2013

thomas the train

On Saturday, we spent the morning hanging out with Thomas the Train.  Considering how Myer reacts to diggers or tractors up close and personal, I thought we would take this approach easy.  I'm not sure if it's too much to take in, or if the excitement scares him, but I didn't want to ruin Myer's experience with his favorite train.  But as soon as we pulled up, he yelled "Get out okay? Okay!" Then he hopped, skipped, and jumped all the way to the tracks.  He knew who was there.  And I'm so glad he wasn't afraid.

On the train was even better--he sat the whole time, which is so unlike him.  Each time the train whistle blew he let out a little giggle/squeal, didn't look away from the window, and clutched his Thomas the Train toy so tightly.  I felt like an awesome parent.  Such a score.  All 3 of us had so much fun.  All thanks to a little blue engine and a little red head who makes everyday magical.  Little boys are so fun.