Monday, May 13, 2013

a mother; always

After sleeping in, getting breakfast in bed, and then of course a little red head asking to "follow me, mama", I had a simple start to a great Mother's Day.  Life has been so crazy, working, picking up Myer from a babysitter every day, fitting in errands without Jake's help, and being pregnant, I wanted a simple day.  Just some extra rest and time together.  I only have 3 more weeks left of this crazy schedule that I lead, and man, this just reaffirms to me that I want to be home next fall.  More than anything.  Especially with a new little girl joining our family, I want to be the one with my kids.  As much as my high school kids pull on the other half of my heart, this is my place in life---a mom.  Some days I'm not great at it, and I may not get the recognition from principals, department colleagues, and students, but my family is the most important thing and what I'll treasure forever.  I will be a mother; always.