Saturday, May 30, 2015

family night frozen yogurt

 We kicked off Summer with frozen yogurt!
We all seem to like sprinkles...
Lennon's first time to the frozen scene.
 I think she loved it.
Myer and Jake were sure into it.

We are ready for you now hot summer!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Murdock Trail

Cause Trek is in 3 weeks! We are so ready!!
And possibly our kids too...

Monday, May 25, 2015

preschool graduation

 Our first year of preschool is over and done!  Whew.  What a year.  Miss Molly did so much for our Myer.  Of course he learned so much like numbers and letters, but he also learned how to share, how to make friends, how to control his emotions, and how to express himself.  I've seen such a change in him that was a huge answer to prayers.  I see less tantrums, less hitting, and a desire to identify his emotions and then articulate what's wrong.  YAY!  Miss Molly told me that he loves loves loves to learn and I think that is how we can keep high-energy-Myer engaged.  She has found a way to channel his too-smart-for-me brain.  I mean he's already reading.  He got the award for Best Reader too.  So proud of you Myer.
 And it was such a special treat to experience preschool with his cousins.  Navy and Myer will be in the same class next year.  Can't wait!
Until next year...
I hope we can survive the summer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

Not only did I get to sleep in, breakfast in bed, and the cutest homemade cards, but I GOT A BIKE!  Jake totally surprised me!  I honestly thought I was getting a bunch of frying pans and kitchen stuff.  (Because all my kitchen stuff is from when we got married.  So ya, I was thinking it was time for an upgrade.)  We immediately went for a ride, all of us in our pj's, and rode around the neighborhood.  Myer was thrilled to find out I actually could ride a bike and complimented my "new found" talents. It's a bike that can ride in the mountains and on the streets so looks like I'll be trying some mountain trails with my boys...

Then we had dinner at my moms with all my siblings, their spouses, and kids. It's been a while since we've all been together.  It was loud, crazy, and just how it should be.  Myer played with his cousins and Jessie's dogs, and Lennon loved all the attention.  I quite frankly loved that I didn't have to cook! 
Then Elder Thacker gave us a call!  THE BEST.  (Jake went home the kids so I face-timed him in on the phone call.)  I am so dang proud of my brother.  He is in a tough situation with his jaw and his companion, but he was so positive, optimistic, and full of faith.  I could see him not only living the gospel, but being the gospel.  It shines out of him.  His quick sense of humor is still there along with a slight Filipino accent (so cute!)  I loved hearing his testimony is Tagalog.  So proud of him learning that language in just 9 months.  So again-- we were all together.  We are all in different places in our lives but we are there supporting each other.  I feel genuine love from and for my siblings.  They are examples to me in their stages of life, and I draw courage from each of them.  Parents included!
It was an awesome weekend with the temple, hanging with my family, riding my bike, and getting a hello from the Philippines.  I miss my two sisters and little brother already, but good thing for emails and face time. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

My sister scored 15 tickets to the Payson Temple Open house.  And luck would have it, that it was on the same weekend, Mother's Day weekend, that both my sisters would be in town.  So we were all together!! In the temple! (Except my brother who is serving a mission, but we got to talk to him just two days later on Mother's Day. More on that later.)  We were a large group, but so very neat to be as a family.  Again, Myer and Navy held hands through the whole thing.  Gosh those two are so dang cute together.
When we finished the tour, we couldn't leave.  The grounds and the temple were so beautiful.  (The inside of the Temple was large and so many rooms!)  We stayed and stayed and stayed on that green lawn until the kids nap time crept up on us. I love the feeling in and around that beautiful place.  Can't wait to go back.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cirque du Soleil-- "Joya"

The highlight of the trip!  We thought we only had tickets to see the show, but we had tickets for the dinner as well-- a "gourmet experience" and a table right up at the front. Oh yeah! And that was the best part because the food was incredible. 
I'm probably not describing these amazing platters adequately, so excuse my lack of foodie vocabulary.  Just know, that the food was amazing and I've never had a meal so ritzy.  You could even eat the menu!

They first brought out the appetizer plate which had smoked salmon, ham and mango caviar, crab salad, and goat cheese.  And yes there is dry ice coming out of that planter.

Then the main course-- I had the salmon and Jake had the Roast.
And then dessert came in a wooden book!!!! There were 4 different desserts-- dark chocolate cake, tropical pudding, fruit tart, and creme brulee.  AMAZING.  Jake and I were the nerdy couple up front "oohing" and "ahhing" over each bite.

Then of course we still had the show which was equally amazing.  They had a juggler, a contortionist, Chinese acrobats, a tramp as large as the stage, gymnasts, jiu jitsu pirates, trapeze artists, etc. etc. etc!!  Add all the gourmet food on top of it?  Made for a very memorable night.  Another perk from Landvoice.  I cannot thank Jake's work enough for this trip.  Thank you thank you!!