Friday, May 1, 2015

Cirque du Soleil-- "Joya"

The highlight of the trip!  We thought we only had tickets to see the show, but we had tickets for the dinner as well-- a "gourmet experience" and a table right up at the front. Oh yeah! And that was the best part because the food was incredible. 
I'm probably not describing these amazing platters adequately, so excuse my lack of foodie vocabulary.  Just know, that the food was amazing and I've never had a meal so ritzy.  You could even eat the menu!

They first brought out the appetizer plate which had smoked salmon, ham and mango caviar, crab salad, and goat cheese.  And yes there is dry ice coming out of that planter.

Then the main course-- I had the salmon and Jake had the Roast.
And then dessert came in a wooden book!!!! There were 4 different desserts-- dark chocolate cake, tropical pudding, fruit tart, and creme brulee.  AMAZING.  Jake and I were the nerdy couple up front "oohing" and "ahhing" over each bite.

Then of course we still had the show which was equally amazing.  They had a juggler, a contortionist, Chinese acrobats, a tramp as large as the stage, gymnasts, jiu jitsu pirates, trapeze artists, etc. etc. etc!!  Add all the gourmet food on top of it?  Made for a very memorable night.  Another perk from Landvoice.  I cannot thank Jake's work enough for this trip.  Thank you thank you!!