Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

My sister scored 15 tickets to the Payson Temple Open house.  And luck would have it, that it was on the same weekend, Mother's Day weekend, that both my sisters would be in town.  So we were all together!! In the temple! (Except my brother who is serving a mission, but we got to talk to him just two days later on Mother's Day. More on that later.)  We were a large group, but so very neat to be as a family.  Again, Myer and Navy held hands through the whole thing.  Gosh those two are so dang cute together.
When we finished the tour, we couldn't leave.  The grounds and the temple were so beautiful.  (The inside of the Temple was large and so many rooms!)  We stayed and stayed and stayed on that green lawn until the kids nap time crept up on us. I love the feeling in and around that beautiful place.  Can't wait to go back.