Monday, May 25, 2015

preschool graduation

 Our first year of preschool is over and done!  Whew.  What a year.  Miss Molly did so much for our Myer.  Of course he learned so much like numbers and letters, but he also learned how to share, how to make friends, how to control his emotions, and how to express himself.  I've seen such a change in him that was a huge answer to prayers.  I see less tantrums, less hitting, and a desire to identify his emotions and then articulate what's wrong.  YAY!  Miss Molly told me that he loves loves loves to learn and I think that is how we can keep high-energy-Myer engaged.  She has found a way to channel his too-smart-for-me brain.  I mean he's already reading.  He got the award for Best Reader too.  So proud of you Myer.
 And it was such a special treat to experience preschool with his cousins.  Navy and Myer will be in the same class next year.  Can't wait!
Until next year...
I hope we can survive the summer!