Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Cenote

After sweating all morning in the heat of Tulum, we cooled off in a Cenote (a natural pit with fresh water)  Gotta admit I was a little nervous swimming in a somewhat dark cave with bats over head, and who knows what fish below me, but I was so hot my bravery wasn't real hard to find.
There was a family of turtles swimming around us.  It hard not touching them because they were everywhere, but of course we obeyed the rules and did not touch.  Jake lived in that water, exploring every nook and cranny.  Me?  I was good after a half hour.  Then I just hung on the dock watching Jake basically become one of the fish.
It was still the best way to cool off and one of those things to say I've done it.  Jake wants one in our backyard.  I love how we compliment each other.  Check!