Monday, April 13, 2015

a very full Spring Break

 First we celebrated Easter while listening to Conference.  Having Easter during General Conference was special. Sitting with my family on the couch listening to a Prophet's voice kinda pulled the picture all together for me.  Because of my Savior I can be with my sweet little family forever.  Listening and obeying the Prophets is what helps us get there.  Even though it was loud and distracting at times, it still loved the spirit in our home.

Myer then made these eggs and it doesn't really surprise me that he put silly faces on each of them.  He had an Easter Egg hunt up at Mimi's house and shared an Easter brunch with his cousins.
But sadly, this guy didn't get to enjoy the rest of Easter fun because he got really sick with a bad cough.  He wasn't breathing well so we took him to the hospital Monday morning for some Chest Xray's.  But there wasn't any signs of Pneumonia or Asthma so I guess just a really bad cold or allergies.  (Oh, and he had a double ear infection so we started him on the meds.) 
He started feeling better right away and was able to enjoy the rest of Spring Break.  Which included bike rides with dad, playing in the park, blanket forts, playing with his sister, and kicking the ball in the backyard.  I love seeing Myer back to himself.
And then of course Lennon is getting bigger.  She likes to be just like her brother.  Each time I ask Myer to go "potty", I find Lennon going on her own potty.  I think potty training is in her near future...