Monday, August 26, 2013

too early to call it a success?

Well we are on week 3 of potty training.  Hence, why the blog has been quiet all last week.  I think it's a success?  The first two days were terr.i.ble. I about gave up on day 2.  (He held his potty for FOUR hours and wouldn't go!)  But as soon as it clicked we haven't had a potty accident since.  Now the lovely #2 situation is still in the works.  He knows he is not supposed to go in his underwear but he doesn't want to go in the potty.  So he holds it until he just can't anymore....and cries about having an accident.  People tell me that it will just take time?

I just hope all this sticks once little sister arrives.  People also tell me that he'll revert back to accidents when she comes.  Have a little faith people!  Cause I'm going to pray super hard he doesn't.  All that hard work better stick.

Regardless, I am so proud of him.  He caught on and let's us know he needs to potty, goes in the big potty at other houses, and loves his sticker chart.  Our next items to tackle are going #2 in the potty and overcoming our fear of public restrooms and that loud flush.  Here we go week number 3!