Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween at Mimi's

 Happy Halloween from your cheerleader, football player, and high school sweethearts!
 The cousins joined us trick-or-treating-- Elsa, Anna, and Luke Skywalker.
This Halloween, Lennon got it.  After the first few houses she knew exactly what to do.  Her older brother was off, running with his cousins, but she would hang back with me.  She held my hand the entire night, while the other hand held that ever increasing heavy bucket.  She talked my ear off-- "We are trick-o-treatin Mommy." "This house Mommy." 'I knock on the door Mommy." "I have my bucket Mommy." I thoroughly enjoyed the pace, her excitement, and her jibber jabbing.  I also loved watching Myer run door to door cause he was wearing his "running shoes."  I would totally do that night over again.  Halloween with kids rocked my socks.