Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve first started with a movie with Aunt Jessie.  Just cousins.  They saw "Big Hero 6" and loved it.  Props to my sis for taking all 3 little ones.  She's the best.

Then it was time for the Nativity!  We went over to my other sister's house who is finally back for the holidays and dressed all up for our parts.  Myer was Joseph and Navy was Mary.
^^^^ Lennon was the angel. ^^^^
 ^^^^ Bringing "good tidings of great joy!" ^^^^
 ^^^^ All the shepherds listened to the angel ^^^^
 ^^^^ Great Grandma and Grandpa were the wise men.  Very fitting ^^^^
 ^^^^ decorating sugar cookies! ^^^^
We loved hanging out at my sister's house.  Cousins and family make holidays better and just more entertaining.  I loved acting out the Nativity with my our kids because it was what we used to do as siblings growing up.  Traditions!  Next up, Christmas!!