Monday, December 2, 2013

our thanksgiving

 I can't believe another Thanksgiving came and gone!  Man, when you have a baby, life and time just pass just so fast.  (That means Christmas is in 3 weeks! Yikes!)

We were lucky to spend the Turkey day with my family this year.  My sister from Minnesota came in town and we couldn't get enough of Aunt Jessie, Uncle Carson, and Remmie. We all missed them so much and loved the every minute spent together.  And let's be honest, we mostly loved Jessie's healthy gourmet cooking.  Yum.  We missed my older sister and her family, but they were celebrating in Myrtle Beach this year so I don't feel too bad for them...
Family really is the greatest when holidays come around.  My little brother, Cooper, will be leaving on a mission soon and my sister, Sierra, will be going to college as well, so I soaked it all up.  There are so many changes when you have a big family that when you get together, it's priceless.  At least for me anyway.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were surrounded by those you love.  Now only 23 days left till Christmas!