Monday, December 23, 2013

santa at the conference center

 Jake's dad, who works for the LDS church, invited us to his work Christmas party.  Which was kinda shocking because it was in the Conference Center and they basically let us roam all over.  Myer got to sit at the organ, speak into the pulpit and even go back stage.  But, the best part was Santa.  (who was really my father in law.  They lowered him on ropes from the ceiling, and I don't know who was more excited; my son or my husband.)  Myer got to sit on his lap and tell him all he wanted for Christmas.  It was kinda special that it was his Papa Morse and I think he gave M some extra minutes just because. 
This was the only Christmas party we were able to attend this season and it more than made up for ones we missed.  I left Lennon with my parents and I'm so glad I did so I could see the magic in Myer's eyes.  What a great party.  I love Christmas with kids.  So magical.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve!