Monday, April 28, 2014

meet my friend melissa

This is Melissa.  Her and I became friends when we moved into the neighborhood last summer.  When she introduced herself, she said she only had one child, a girl, who is 12 years old, and I thought nothing of it.  Then I started hearing things about Melissa like in vitro, adoption, failed in vitro etc. etc. but nothing from her.  I put the pieces together and assumed that she was trying to get pregnant.  I just didn't know for how long.  One day I took her out to dinner and asked her to share her story because, well, I was curious.  She told me that she had been trying to get pregnant for the past eleven and a half years.  Eleven and a half years!  I would have given up after 5.  But her story is amazing and her example of faith, perseverance, and strength is one I will always look to when I'm feeling sorry for myself.  If you would like to know her whole story click here for her blog. I mean, I have my own personal Sariah on my hands.

If you can't tell, she is pregnant.  We all cried when she announced it.  (She announced it at Christmas as her Christmas miracle.)  So Saturday was the long awaited big baby shower.  It was at a stake center because EVERYONE was there.  She has inspired so many people that it was no surprise that it was packed.  (and who wouldn't be excited for her???)  Lennon and I were naturally in attendance.

I know I'm lucky to have made a friend in Melissa, let alone move into same neighborhood.  I try to have positive and good people in my life and she is gold.  If she moves, or I move, there better be 2 houses right next to each other.  Or, Lennon and her little boy gets married.  Deal.