Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the taylor family is back

The big news of our family is that my sister and her family moved back to Utah!  They'll be living at my parent's house until my brother in law finds a new job and we, especially Myer, are excited.  We saw them on Sunday, and it was the best seeing the little cousins united again.  Maddix is so grown up and his caring personality makes a great leader for the three of them.  Navy (her hair!) is just there for the party.  She is game for anything.  Myer calls them his "friend cousins" and asks to play with them every morning.  Let's hope they keep playing nice....  Oh, and I finally held my niece, Elodie.  She is a chunker but a very chill chunker.  And she smelled so good.  Yummy newborn smell.

I'm so glad my nieces and nephew are living close again.  We've missed so many things-- birthdays, playgroups, babysitting, etc. that we've got a lot to make up for.  Because who knows how long they'll be in Utah.  We hope Mike finds something quick but secretly we hope he finds something here.  We love our "friend cousins".