Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pioneery things

For Utah's Birthday, we spent the afternoon at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.  I was waiting for a cooler day and just as if Utah was reading my mind, it gave us perfect temperatures yesterday.  (When it's your birthday, you can do anything.)  Lately M's been fascinated with "hosee's", "moo's", "bawk bawk's," and "baa's"so as expected he was thrilled to be around it all.  

We found a mini pony just his size, and Myer stroked his head and ears for a good 10 minutes.  It was darling.  That horse probably liked it too.  We also saw a pregnant cow, sleeping pigs, goats smaller than Myer, llamas, and wild turkeys.  But we just couldn't stay away from the mini ponies.  It's hard not to when they're as tall as him and oh so willing for a head rub.  

A great Pioneer Day to say the least.  We got in touch with our pioneer/farmer roots and brought that smell home with us.  Happy Birthday Utah!